Christmas in Sweden

Hi Everyone,

This looks like a vibrant place of fun loving people - both in terms of travel and pets. We would like to introduce ourselves as we are new. We (Asif & Rushina) live in the south of Sweden (Malmo) which is just a hop over into Denmark (Copenhagen) - 20 mins by train. Copenhagen airport is best to fly into for all international flights. Christmas time is very lively around where we live with beautiful decorations and many activities. Our Artie is a very happy dog. He is friendly towards children, people and most dogs. He is 5 yrs old but just a puppy at heart. We are going away for 3 weeks in Dec through January - our listing is active. We would be glad to connect with dog lovers who would like to travel to Sweden, so please do apply to us.
Ciao & a very merry Christmas from Sweden.

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I thought this sounded familiar. You have that beautiful Golden Retriever! I bookmarked your listing, in case you ever have other dates come up. Your location is great, and the dog looks like so much fun. If you want more visibility for your listing, link it in your forum profile.


We love a golden retriever - they have the best smiles! I had to take a look after @Harris2 commented. I’ve also saved your listing for the future.

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I see you have 2 applicants which is brilliant at this late stage. I’d love to sit one day.
Good luck!


Thanks Harris, Oh that would be lovely.
Yes, Artie is adorable. His cute hugs and adorable mischiefs can easily rid-off any stress.
Thanks for the tip - that’s good to know :slight_smile:


Debbie, Anytime - you are welcome too :slight_smile:


I’ve visited Malmo once before and loved it! Wish you best of luck.

Oh I saw this listing too!! Artie is so handsome!! We were looking for a sit around Copenhagen and actually confirmed one also in Malmö for 2 weeks in early December. I hope that at least one of the 2 applicants you already have matches well. Good luck to you and Artie! Merry Christmas!

Yes, he is a lot of fun. You can connect with us when you are in Malmo in early December. Where will you be staying? What pets are you sitting? If you need any help don’t hesitate. Send us a message anyway.