Conclusion Of Pausing Application Test - Updated Post

I too noticed a significant reduction in European sits following the introduction of the 5 applicant rule. Unsurprisingly, attractive sits in Europe tend to receive applications quickly and if you are not one of the first 5 then you will probably be out of luck.
I doubt we will be renewing our membership if this situation continues. May as well rely on repeat sits, word of mouth and sites like Nomador.


A few weeks ago, I wrote the exact same post - saying we had to change our route as we couldn’t land any sits on our planned route in Europe, and that we were unlikely to renew our membership due to this. Would you believe it, my post got deleted by Admin as being off topic…let’s see if this one makes it :slight_smile:


I have a notification for Lisbon, as one of my adult children lives there. Literally each time I have recieved a notifier and looked at the sit it is already under review! Have other sitters find this with popular sit sites? If so then the system does not work very well unless you are willing to sit on the app all day and apply as soon as a sit appears in your desired location as the notification is too slow.


I am becoming very disgusted with this new “5 applicant” rule. By the time i even see the listing, it’s been maxed out.
I have made several alerts but, again, as soon as i receive it, i click in but it, too, has been maxed out.
I cannot believe im the only member who feels this way. Have THS revisited this VERY IMPORTANT AND FRUSTRATING TOPIC. Can you do a survey to all your paid members to see their views and publish the results for us all to see?


Over the past few months I have missed out on applying for many sits I feel I would have been well suited for, but have also been lucky enough to be able to apply to some others, this is because I have been reduced to monitoring the THS website day and night, week in week out. Of those applications, I have been accepted for one, rejected by around ten, and completely ignored by three. I routinely wait for one to weeks before an owner replies. I have two current applications for which I am awaiting a response - after several days neither of them has even read my application.

If the whole point of the ‘5 limit’ is to improve my experience on the platform by speeding up the selection process then it has failed miserably. Seen as members weren’t even advised of the new rule, most are unaware of the change and accordingly they’re behaviours are also unchanged.

Please just accept that this experiment hasn’t solved any problems, it has only created them - and we sitters are the biggest losers.


The five application limit is SO annoying! Just another layer of tedious difficulty.


Any consideration for a review of the ‘5 application’ limit to allow that limit to be selectable by the individual owner?


Hi @prholst we have moved your comment to this thread to keep all 5 applications content in one place as the functionality is fully implemented with no planned changes at this time. Thank you


Change the ‘5 application’ limit to make it home owner optional or allow home owners to select their limit. I have posted this suggestion in other topics and only just saw this one where it should appropriately be.


Thank you. I think it’s good that the profiles are separate from the profile on this forum so prefer to keep it that way. I do not have any particular issues at the moment that are not already being addressed. Not thrilled with the new system of only allowing 5 applications. In my experience it has been negative on both the host and sitter sides of things. Overall, my experience with TH has been very good.


I think limiting that to first five applicants is the worst approach in such system overall.

Looking from HO perspective:

  • the fastest applied doesn’t mean they’re best, obviously I want the best, not the first
  • the process is longer because I have to decline, then wait for new to apply and so on

Looking from HS perspective:

  • if let’s say I want to sit somewhere in US or Asia (I’m in Europe), that means that I have to be very late in the night to catch the new assignments (when morning starts in US or Asia) or invent some kind of automated way to do that (which is also sounds to me like cheating).
  • I have to keep always refreshing multiple windows with multiple searches to catch new assignments just on time, this is really frustrating and really time consuming
  • for the price I"m paying for the platform - I want to have convenient service and not feel anxious that I have to compete for time and be the first from 5 to apply

I think this limit should be removed from the platform, I don’t see any positive thing in it. Ideally HO could set they’re own limit of applications. So everyone would have the batch they want. Some want to choose from 3, some are really picky and want to consider 30 sitters.


I think a great option would be that a HO can set the amount of applications they like in their preferences.
Then all is solved.
And/Or possibility to ‘close’ their ad when they want because have received enough applications.

So THS is forcing nothing
HO can choose how they like
HS have a fair chance


Absolutely Karilil, I agree. It should be open to the owners how many applicants they accept.


Another ‘work around’ that owners have had to implement due to the short comings of the 5 applicant change. Just plain crazy that the system has to be ‘worked’ just so owners can choose the best applicant.


Reading on this forum about the dislike from HO and Sitters about this «new» rule, I only found out recently! I really hope that THS will remove this and make it optional for HO as to how many applicants THEY choose to accept. Some would like to choose from a big pool of 50, others are contents with much less; it really should be up to the HO. I hope this gets revised quickly.


I know this topic has already gotten some traction on this forum, but I wanted to leave my 2-cents for THS as an experienced sitter who has used THS for dozens of sits over many years.

Tldr: I really, really dislike the 5 applicant limit, and it causing me to use THS a whole lot less and to look to other platforms.

Here is why:

  • It causes the same sit to appear as a saved search notification again and again and again. This leads me to turning off THS notifications, because I get spammed by the app every time hosts reject 5 more applicants. This is super inefficient for sitters.
  • I do not like to be glued to my phone, and applying for competitive sits now requires me to be on THS literally 24/7 to get a chance at applying (competitive sits in my area literally go within 3-5 minutes of being advertised; I’m genuinely not sure if sitters are using bots to apply). This is a direct result of the 5-applicant limit.
  • Hosts who travel frequently often specifically select me as a sitter because I like doing repeats sits. With the 5-applicant limit, these hosts are no longer able to receive applications from me for subsequent trips. Here’s what happens: After completing a sit with them, I will save their sit listing as a favourite; I will then receive a notification that the sit has new dates. By the time I open the app to view the dates & apply for the sit - often within 10 minutes of receiving the notification - the sit will be closed (“reviewing applications”) and will no longer display the new trip dates. I will then have to contact the host to ask what dates they will be away (because THS doesn’t show that once the sit is closed to new applicants); the hosts will then have to message with me about my availability while also managing applicants via THS, every single time they go away again. For hosts who travel every few weeks (which is a lot of people I sit for), this is super inefficient for both them and me. Yes, the hosts could reach out to me directly for new sits, but this is also inefficient as it requires them to contact every previous sitter individually to ask if they’re free again for their new dates; it also entirely defeats the purpose of “favourites” lists and posting new trip dates.

I fully appreciate it makes sense not to allow 40+ applicants for each sit, but restricting it to 5 is making me start to use other platforms more. As a long-time THS member, this is really disappointing to me.

@Ben-ProductManager - it appears you’ve already received volumes of feedback about people not liking these changes. As a customer of over 6 years, I find it bizarre that THS is not taking on board our feedback.


What is the purpose of 5 applications then post is shut! Who benefits? As a sitter to actually be aware of a sit then to apply only to start typing and post is shut is so annoying. Why stop at 5? surely the house sitter should have as many as they choose to apply. Have been a member for must be 7 years now but finding this so frustrating because unless you spend 24/7 on the computer you are missing out on sits that you would have liked to apply for. Are new members actually aware of this change when they buy in to this site?


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I had no idea that a 5 application rule had been applied. I’m a home owner and am more than capable of dealing with applications in a timely and polite manner. I don’t need THS to do it for me.


I have been a member of TH for 6 years and I HATE the 5 application rule. The sits that I’m interested in are gone before I can even reply! I have notifications set up on my phone and by the time I finish reading them and look at past feedback/reviews, they are paused.

Please, please TH. Change this ridiculous policy to the way it used to be. I need time to insure the dates are plausible and any appointments we have can be rescheduled if necessary, check availability and prices of available flights and make sure another grandparent can cover the Fridays that I babysit my grandchildren. It is simply poor practice and unfair to the people looking for reliable petsitters for me to simply apply and then find out we can’t do it! All I need is less than an hour (sometimes 5 minutes) but the new system of only 5 applicants is frustrating and is definitely a reason why many experienced pet sitters aren’t applying. It’s great for members without obligations but that’s not who most of us are.