Conclusion Of Pausing Application Test - Updated Post

I would like to add that if a forum member is reading the “anti 5” posts…it would be helpful if they would post what benefits some are experiencing, which would be good to know AND perhaps a happy medium can be had.

I don’t accept that people reading these posts are afraid to chime in.
That creates a problem for communication and not a solution.

And, posts are monitored so there is a built in buffer.


I JUST found out that owners can only receive a maximum of 5 applicants then their posting is «paused» and THEY have to UN-pause it. That is ridiculous! And although I understand there is a need to offer some sort of a pause or cap of applicants in order for the owners not to be drowned, it is quite unfair to sitters who are not on here regularly, unfair to owners who will have quite a reduced choice of sitters from such a small amount allowed at a time and may or may not know the application has been ‘paused’ or how to un-pause it AND it means that owners will wait to post closer to their sit dates because of this.
Please rethink this rule. Offer at the very least 10 or maybe 20 applicants or even offer the owners a «pause» button THEY can CHOOSE to activate and de-activate!
Please re-evaluate this «feature»


Hello @Damselfly we have moved your post here to keep all content on pausing in one place and also because it was moving away from the posted topic.

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No chance to applicate with the jetlag !
Especially for Europeans who would like to apply for the United States, you have no chance of being in the top 5 with 8 hours of time difference unless you no longer sleep and spend your nights with your eyes opened on the application.
The original intention of this service was to allow you to travel wherever you want. It becomes a service that favors the locals.
It’s too bad.


I am a homeowner who was seeking a sitter, and have experienced the same frustration at the ‘five-only’ rules. In years past, I have been able to secure sitters quickly and reliably–but with the new rule, the process has become egregiously complex, cumbersome and lengthy. Whenever communications are throttled, there is a breakdown of free interaction. This policy is backfiring in a significant way–I hope the owners ease up, and allow us to communicate better and faster by jettisoning this unnecessary rule.


It’s disconcerting to discover that people are STILL unaware of this unwelcome change to how sitter’s applications are handled.


I live in Los Angeles, and since the 5 application limit began, my chances of getting any sits in European countries I would like to visit are almost none. I’ve been a member for 7 years, and I feel they did not think out the impact the changes would have on people who would like to travel, which is the whole point of this site!


@Silverfox Yes, there is a way to prevent this: THS could cancel the 5-application limit “improvement” and allow homeowners to determine for themselves when to pause their own listing.


I am not looking for sits in London as prefer coast and country areas but I do think this 5 applicant limit is very wrong. Most of the sits I have gained in the past there have already been 7 - 11 applicants or more when I have applied. I am not always that quick to spot them. It seems so unpopular with most people. In my opinion it should raise to at least 12. I am sure it is not popular with pet owneres either, as may feel they have to choose somebody, who they do not feel is really suitable.
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I would like to add that I have only very recently found out aboutg this new 5 applicant rule, which must by why i had seen some sits and gone back to apply a couple of days later only to see they were no longer there. Why was everyone not notified? And I have certainly not seen any survey regarding this.
I am somebody, who when I do eventually spot a sit. (I do not look every day) I think it over and research exactly where it is and then get around to applying, if I feel an area I would like to explore etc. Some sits have been there a week or more before I have applied in gthe past. And even if sits have had 15 applicants I have ended up getting them. Now it looks like I will have a very limited choice. Or will have to apply quickly on impulse, before checking it out and deciding it isn’t quite what I want after all.
It would be far better if all home owners could choose the limit of applicants they wish to recieve. I really do not like this 5 applicant ruleat all.


I’m not sure how best to respond to questions / requests that have been made to have a survey done that is ONLY about the 5 application pause.

In a previous reply that is on the closed pausing application test forum topic, Angela said:

“There have been many requests for a channel to leave feedback regarding the 5 pausing. THS has answered that request by providing a survey to all members who are actively using the platform. In the survey is a section for free text where members are able to leave as much feedback as they choose and we would encourage you to complete your survey when you receive it.”

While not seeking to be combative, having a survey with free text for responses is not very beneficial when (1) it is evident many members are still not even aware the 5 appli ation pause has been put into effect and (2) the survey did not mention the 5 application pause.

Accordingly, please do a dedicated survey ONLY about the 5 application pause which would alert all members to the policy, get feedback, and maybe even consider possible alternatives.

And please share the results with THS members.


@Wetravel Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. As this post is about a survey request I will move it off of this thread as it is off-topic, however, I have copied it to the internal product channel so they will see your feedback and suggestions. They also monitor the thread that it has been added to. Thank you for your constructive feedback regarding 5 pausing on the recent survey.

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I read a post recently from a host who said there post had 5 sitters reply then get an automatic ‘sitters being reviewed’ added to their post. I was not aware of this before! Unless you sit on the computer all day and get in fast I think it is unfair that only 5 replies are accepted before being blocked!


Hi Angela, looking at 123kitty’s post its not about knowing the procedure or gaining help, its about their frustration with this 5 sitters only rule.


Getting a sit has become almost Impossible with this newly introduced option for owners to close the applications whenever they want! Most of the times when i get notification from the app, the sit is already “reviewing applicatins” and gone, and that is not fair! So even the app doesn’t work right, and we can’t rely on it. You should either remove this option entirely, or set mandatory for owners to have applications opened for at least 12 or 24 hours. We are paying for our subscription to this website, and we all should have equal chance of applying and getting a sit, which has become almost impossible with this new option.


This new rule of 5 applications and automatically closing is ruining this website, the whole experience and the point. That should be removed A.S.A.P. so all sitters can get equal chance! It should be mandatory that sits remain open for at least half a day if not 24 hours! Especially because the app is not really working well, and many times when i receive notifications and momentarily click to check, they are already “reviewing applications”! and that is of course not fair. We will definitely NOT renew our subscription if things stay like this.