THS Survey

@Lassie I appreciate what you are saying and working together we addressed the situation and solved the issue. I’m not so sure about it being “hard work” though :wink:

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Thank you for your time. :slight_smile:

Received the survey - thank you @Angela_L


I saw Ben’s update just before retiring for the night but thank you @Angela_L for following it up for us.

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Here’s an option for you.

@MissChef Thank you, we did get the links from one of the Forum mods and completed the sitter survey and the HO survey.


Thanks @MissChef for this backup in case I couldn’t access Ben’s link.

I didn’t receive a dicky bird and I am just returning home after a house sit which is my 2nd via THS in 6 months.

Hello, @Tuppence apologies that you did not receive the survey. Here is the link to complete the sitters one:Sitter Feedback

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I too did not receive the survey and am just seeing this thread.

I read another topic previously and saw a post that the 5 app limit isn’t directly included in the questions asked and the data being gathered, but that the free-form text field was the respondents opportunity to provide input. Having written and analyzed surveys throughout my career I experienced 2 items that might be relevant - very few respondents, think single digit percentage, write comments, and the data from free-form questions is exceptionally difficult to tally and analyze since there’s no construct within to work. Tabulating rankings and y/n answers is straightforward and quick.

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I received it and sent it back immediately.

Agreed. Ive also run customer feedback surveys in a past life. But I made damn well sure I filled out the comments with my very clear displeasure of the change and reasons why. I suspect they may have got a few of those judging by many recent reviews and feedback in other forums I am patiently waiting to get some hint of the results in the hope they acknowledge that it was a bad change and they reverse it before I post the results of my own data gathering exercise showing the impact of the change.

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I did not get one emailed to me. I just found it here on the forum.

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Hello, Thank you to everyone that contributed to the survey and for your patience whilst the information was calibrated. The Product team are still in the process of analysing everything and has said that there will be an update due after Easter.
I do not have an exact date or further information but we will post as soon as we know more.
Thank you :grin:

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It’s almost a month since Easter . Any updates on the survey results?


Hi @Timshazz we hope your weekend is going well.

There will be an update soon which will include updates on other product developments and improvements, once completed we will publish.

Thank you for your patience


I had an email message this morning: “How did we do?”

Now I clicked on it, and it said immediately:
“Thank you for answering this survey. Your feedback is highly appreciated!”

I feel gaslighted! I was absolutely certain that I had not answered anything…


That pop up message means that you have already answered that particular survey sometime in the past