Confirmed sitter not responding to my messages

I have a sitter confirmed for 3 weeks in September and we have messaged back and forth several times. She is coming from the UK and my home is in the US. She has asked that her parents come out and stay with her while the visited her brother in a nearby city and I agreed that that was okay. I then sent her my “Home Manual” that has all of the details on our house and asked that I have her phone number and the names and phone numbers of her parents. I received a message that she had been sick but was recovering and she would get back to me. That was 10 days ago and I have sent her several messages asking after her health with no reply. I’m not sure how to proceed.
Any suggestions?

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@Kshil there is still plenty of time if she has already confirmed but I can understand your concern. Can you see that she has read the messages? She may still be ill and just not up to answering messages at this time.

Have you sent messages by text, THS email and regular email? Send to all three. I hope you hear something soon.

Thanks, Debbie. You’re right, maybe she is still too ill to reply and will get back to me when she can.

I am a bit nervous because the sit is such a long one and it seemed I needed to post it early to find the right person. I’m also fairly new with THS but I have had two very good sits so far.

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take a look at the trustedhousesitter inbox and check to see if she read your messages. It will state Read if she has opened it

Thanks, Mars.

She just let me know she needed to cancel due to injury. I’ll repost my listing and see if I can get a new sitter.


I think you may have got off lightly there….:wink:

I’m going to be in STL soon. Maybe the dates will line uup?

please update your profile with a link to your listing!

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Hi MissChef, THS is helping me get a link set up. Thanks.

Hello, @Kshil Just an update that the link is now in your forum profile. @MissChef please feel free to have a look! :slight_smile:

Hi @Kshil. Your sit looks amazing! What a wonderful home you have!
I’m sure even if @MissChef can’t sit for you, you’ll get plenty of applicants.
Good luck.

Thank you, Richten1!

@Kshil I also wanted to express that your home is truly beautiful, and your pets are simply lovely. While going through your listing, I did notice something that could potentially cause some confusion. It appears that your house is actually located about 40 minutes away from St. Louis, despite the listing indicating it is in St. Louis itself. This could pose some challenges, especially for sitters who are not familiar with the area, such as international sitters. They might not immediately realize that they are applying for a sit in a smaller town without easy access to public transportation. To ensure a smoother experience for potential sitters, especially those coming from a distance, it might be beneficial to be transparent and clearly mention the name and exact location of your town, rather than listing it under St. Louis.
Good luck!


Thank you BunnyCat. I did deliberate on that. I thought that a sitter who wanted St. Louis might overlook my listing especially since we are in IL. We are so close to different areas and activities in St. Louis. I understand about the public transportation problem - a sitter would need a car to get over there from here. I’ll change my location and see if that helps.