Confirmed sitter not responding?

I am concerned my sitter has become non responsive, and the sit is only one week away. What should I do? I last spoke to her on text Tues to coordinate a a time of entry (my neighbor is opening the door and wanted to get a time range). She had always responded immediately prior to that. She said she would let me know when she booked her flight. By Friday I texted to check in if she had booked them yet and I have had no response for 3 days. I messaged on the app today and no response yet. What should I do? She has not cancelled - just no response all of a sudden. She has all 5 star reviews so this is unexpected.

I also tried to contact support but it is Sunday and not sure if anyone is there.

Hi @MJKittens Membership Services are available seven days a week and I’ve just had a message from the team to say that you’ve connected via Live Chat and an agent is helping you …

Great thank you!