Confused about protocols for applying for sits

No. We apply for any site that fits our criteria for the dates and who ever responds first and wants us we go. We then tell the others that we have to withdraw our application and the reason. We will not be at the mercy of slow acting pet companions.
One thing we would never do, and I hope no one else would because it gives us sitters a very bad reputation, is play one against another. Yes, there will always be a sit that stands out above the rest but we would never leave a pet companion hanging around just in case the honey pot of a sit says yes.


Professional sitter? Do you mean full time sitter and nomad?
In my books that would be definite positive. At least they will turn up as they have no other place to go.


No one knows better than you about your pets care. We make this very clear when communicating with pet companions. We are given a timetable of care and needs and that time table is followed.

( the very early morning walks and feeds are of course my husband’s responsibility)


And I’m sure the sitter thinks likewise. That’s when troubles start, when everything has not been talked or thought out properly

Absolutely not. Apply, apply,
Apply and then apply again.
No need to wait. There are so many wonderful people and animals waiting and looking for me.


Yes I am a professional not a tourist. I am committed and dedicated to the service I provide. What I do is a testament to my character.


Yes, i feel unconfortable with people who have no homes. I can understand people who love to travel often (if i were younger i would have probably done that à year or 2) but i’m not sûre to feel fine with people who rely on pet sitting to have a roof.
We saw last year how many problems they faced when owners cancelled or when borders closed. It must be terrible when you are 30, 40, 50 or 60 to ask relatives or friends to host you. Because you can’t afford or don’t want to live in an Airbnb for months.

I’ve never had the impression that any of the “nomads” here rely on pet sitting “to have a roof”. My understanding is that they love to travel and see new places and different cultures and they are lucky enough to either have the means to do so, or the kind of work that allows them to move around.

If I was braver, I think I would love to do it, and spend more time in the places I love - England, France, Italy - what an amazing life!


I don’t think you quite understand full-time sitters and their reasons for doing so.

For us, this lifestyle is a dream come true. We love visiting new places whether that be here in the UK or around the world. We also love animals so when we discovered THS it was the easiest decision ever to amalgamate the two - travel and animals, it is hard to imagine how life could be any better!

We do not pet sit to put a roof over our heads - the accommodation just happens to be the fair exchange that we are getting for our services to the home host.

Last year was a challenge but no more terrible for us than anyone else in the world that was forced to adjust to the extraordinary circumstances we all found ourselves in.

We often stay in Airbnbs between house sits and love doing so. Accommodation without bills or responsibilities, what is not to like?
During the last 18 months, it is true that we stayed in more Airbnbs than usual, I’m not sure why you would think we could not afford to do so? and we loved the experience. We took the opportunity to book Airbnbs in Greece, Italy and Spain and visited some of the most visited attractions around the world with very few tourists sharing our experience

This is a picture I took when we visited the Vatican in late 2020 Only our travelling lifestyle enabled us to be there at this time among just a handful of people - truly a once in a lifetime experience.


Colin, I answered you privately (copying my former message) as Angela thinks our conversation needs to be private. I find strange my points of view,which differ from others, seem to bother some members. Summing up, it’s true I could not live myself, traveling all year round, with my whole life in 2 suitcases. I need a roof !

@Provence the conversations for DM we are referring to is PERSONAL chit chat between members which has no relevance to other members or the topic of conversation and is only of interest to the members involved …

We were several to discuss about the same topic, weren’t we ?? I answered Colin who sent a long message, publicly to me…

We don’t rely on pet sitting to have a roof but it makes our journeys far more appealing.

As my old granny used to say, if we were all the same life would be boring.
We travel (almost) full time. It’s what our lives are about. We both worked very hard and saved for retirement. Now we can afford to travel with or without pet sits.
You sound a home bird who likes familiarity and creature comforts with a little foray into the unknown every now again. You are quite comfortable as long as you know your home is waiting for you when you need it.
Nothing wrong with either life. It’s a choice we all make.


I find this nomad lifestyle fascinating but it’s nothing I would do.
I have been living out of the suitcase my whole working life, being away for 2-3 times a month and nothing can beat to arrive back home and sleep in my own bed.
However, I don’t feel uncomfortable with people who chose this life and don’t “have a roof” of their own. On the contrary, I wish there was more time than maybe a few hours for a handover to hear about experiences and things that happened to them while traveling.
For myself I found, when there were no flights at all, that staying at home all the time is like one loooong day with not much worth talking about, because nothing really happened, except lockdowns and numbers of infections.

I am so relieved that travel is picking up again and I soon will be able to be abroad for 2-3 times a month.


That’s an understandable concern, but for an experienced sitter it’s not really an issue. We’re on multiple platforms and also do volunteering (animal sanctuaries), helpx/workaway and even have empty flats that have been offered to us in case we have a gap (which we never have). If the sitter has not been living under a rock the last two years, he/she/they will have a backup plan.

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I’m a new sitter. How long does it typically take owners to reply to an application? Is there a time limit or can owners “sit on” a sitter’s application indefinitely? I applied for an Oct 25 to Nov 3 sit, and today is Oct 16. When should I expect a reply by? If my application is not accepted, then naturally I want to make other plans as soon as possible.

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I’m very new to THS but my limited experience has shown that if a homeowner is interested in you, they will reply within a day or two. if the HO hasn’t contacted you after a couple of days, especially if the sit has many other applicants, you are probably not going to get this one.

If there are other sits you are interested at the same time, apply for those also. There are other threads on this, but I think most sitters apply for any sit that appeals, even if some overlap with others. They take the first one they are offered. You want to keep your options open.


Welcome to the forum @mtornberg
There is no standard on when either party replies. Some do and some don’t.

Don’t wait. You have choice here.
If you are offered a sit, Accept what you feel is best for you.

There are so many delicious places and pets available go shopping and see what fits :wink:
Apply apply apply.


Had a similar issue and I ended up taking another sit and withdrew my application on the sit I hadn’t heard from with a note to the owner.