Confused? New sitter…

Hi @AngelesBugnon

A warm welcome to the forum.

I am aware this is slightly off topic now, but as @botvot mentions, there is another thread regarding Europe. A Europe filter is not available, however the product team are very aware of this request from many members. For the moment, if you expand your map out as much as possible over Europe, and make a saved search.


Yes frustrating. Plus I would like an option on the filter to sit looking after one dog only. I do think the selection or filter process could be better. Ah well it is what it is!

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Please do also post any features you would like to see on the below thread, as the product team look at this regularly. Feedback is always appreciated.

But not much is happening.

For example, increasing the limit of saved searches in the web interface should be an utterly trivial programming task. That limit is 10 in the app. I find it irritating that that limit is 3 in the web interface. And this difference has been noted years ago on this forum.

Instead, the programmers are fiddling and rearranging sitter profiles (or of just some of us), for testing…

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