Connections - Staying in touch

In D.C. last weekend:

This kimono is an art piece hanging in a local hotel — I took photos of it for the Brit who created it. In May, I house-sat for her and her husband near Cambridge and watched their pets. We’ve stayed in touch. She also recently had a piece displayed at the Smithsonian, which is now on tour as part of an exhibit. Very cool.


Wow … Very interesting piece @Maggie8K and amazing the connections we make along the way. Hopefully you will do a repeat sit again soon.

Thanks, @Therese. I probably won’t repeat the sit. Why: I discovered during my first repeat sit that I prefer variety in locations. So many great places to visit, so little time. I really wish I could see the pets again, though, which is hard to do without sitting them again, especially when the sits are far away. These HOs still send me photos of their pets, though. I love that.

For repeat sits, I might do short, local ones, so I can switch up to urban settings since I live near woods and such.

I certainly can understand your sentiments. I also love all the pet photos that come through from previous owners. :dog2: :cat:

I love all the cool places THS takes us but also the lastly relationships with others and their pets around the world!


Agree wholeheartedly!

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