Contacting HomeOwners via THS

Recent changes have once again highlighted various issues sitters have because they cannot contact a homeowner, unless they apply to sit

It seems to me that THS is breaching its own T&Cs by not permitting sitters to contact homeowners via the messaging service .

Your thoughts please ?

“3.2. The services we provide for Sitters are:

3.2.5. the ability to communicate with Pet Parents via the Platform’s messaging service”


Nice spot @Silversitters that does indeed seem like a breach of their own Ts & Cs.


@Silversitters - they only need to add
If they have live dates
If they are not reviewing applications
If you do not have a sit around that time
Easily resolved

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I don’t think they are in breach. A sitter that has applied on a sit or is on a sit can communicate with the pet parents through the app so the service is provided. In my view the use of “pet parent” here implies that it’s in the context of a particular sit otherwise it would have said “home owner” as it does when talking more generally about sitters and home owners.

and get all 180k members to agree to the new terms and conditions

I think the way it is written implies sitters can contact pet parents through the messaging service at any time.


@gchampagne THS decided some time ago not to describe Home Owners as Home Owners. They are now all “Pet Parents” whether they like the description or not.

I have made my feelings known before :grimacing:

@systaran - that is how I read it.
I definitely don’t use the ‘pet parent’ or ‘fur baby’ titles.

As I’ve just tested positive for Covid (:flushed:) I’m going to sit and read the ts & cs as never have done….!


Me neither, hate them

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@Smiley get well soon … :mending_heart:

( I’m not sure reading the T&Cs will make you feel any better ; you will probably get a big headache) :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Thank you. I’m not too bad but have to pay for an extra 2 nights’ accommodation that I wasn’t expecting having had to cancel staying with people :cry: