Continually being logged out of the app

Anyone else? I’ve reported it twice to support but it’s still happening more than 10 days later. We lost a sit last night because of it :rage: too as we were second in! Is it just us? And please don’t tell me to log into the main website, what’s the point of an app if it’s not speedier?

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Hi @Cuttlefish
Membership services will be emailing you for step by step account so they can investigate this further. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks @Therese i have been trying but the instructions are always the same. Just wondered if anyone else is having the same issue and if they’ve found a solution? :+1:t3:

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I have been getting that too @Cuttlefish. I haven’t pursued the matter because I’m not a fan of the App and I’ve lost the will to live when it comes to trying to get help and applying as the 6th applicant!
I had a problem logging into the Website a couple of weeks ago (much more of a problem for me than the App) and reached out for help but…niente. It sorted itself out after a few days.
Ho hum :roll_eyes:

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That happens to me, too. It’s why I rarely use the app and wait until I get home to use my computer for most things. Super annoying.

me too

and these are additional words that have to be here for no reason

I’ve had this happen. In my case it’s always when I’ve tried opening the app without internet or wifi. Then I stay logged out, even if internet returns. You might check if that’s the case for you too.


Yes and no. It’s a daily occurrence at the moment so super frustrating whatever it is :flushed: