Issues with THS support not listening

Has anyone else had issues with the tech team at THS? As an active member surely it’s useful if I tell them there’s a glitch in the tech?! It won’t allocate dates you need. Old emails are still being sent weeks later. Search terms aren’t working correctly. Every time - nope, not the system it’s you. Even with evidence. Have politely explained the info is to help them more than me but it’s ignored. Find it totally contrary to the community THS is supposed to be :triumph:

Hi @Cuttlefish I am so sorry you are experiencing such a negative experience with our membership services. We really do try and solve all our members issues as quickly as we can. I will look into this further on your behalf and email you directly.
Kind regards


Thank you. If we’re a community that functions well then the flow of feedback and advice should go both ways….

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I don’t bother anymore putting things here, I have had so many issues and all in all the tech is pretty bad, i have said so many times making suggestions, giving feedback, but nothing. It has been months, and so many people say similar things.
Maybe one day… :grimacing: :roll_eyes: