Could a Snowbird RV Sit Work?

We’ve been using THS for years with many sitters coming to our house in Ontario, however we spend the winter in our 38ft fifth wheel in a State Park in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It is a home from home with all the amenities we expect in our residence, just packed into a smaller space.

Do sitters/owners feel it would be appropriate to ask for a sit while we go on vacation in Costa Rica during the winter? We thought we would include a ‘night before’ stay in a local hotel so we could have the sitters for dinner and show them how RV living works.

What advice would you give when looking for sitters?

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@HeatherB that would be the sort of sit I would love and I’m sure plenty of other sitters would love it too.
Like any listing, good photos and an accurate description of home and responsibilities is all that is needed.
A night in a hotel beforehand would be the icing on the cake.

We would totally do one of these sits and we are about 1.75 hours from Gulf Shores. I think it would make a great sit and we have an RV so know what thats like.

Would work for me, so long as you teach me how the RVU works!

I think absolutely yes as long as it’s all explained. Could be a true adventure!

Would love this.
My daughter received many applications while living on a boat. The “marina’s life” was appealing to many.

@HeatherB I’m assuming that your dogs would also be at the RV. When an owner has two homes, the clearest way is to switch between separate profile content, including switching out photos. That way it’s clear to the sitters where they’re applying and what’s required of them. Otherwise, it can become confusing for the sitters applying. When I think of how many snowbirds are looking for warm-climate locations in winter, I doubt you’d have any problems finding a suitable sitter. :sunglasses:

I must be thick because I have no idea what you’re talking about….

The HO live in a RV (like a van) in an Alabama state park during winter months. They wish to fly to Costa Rica for vacations and wonder if a sitter would find interesting to petsit their furry friend in the RV while they are gone. :slight_smile:

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I’d love to find a find sit like this in Mesa or Palm Springs in February…

Exactly as Brigitte says. We have a regular house in Ontario which is home for April to November then we tow our RV south to Alabama, park it in a state park and enjoy the better weather for the winter. No snow for me!


Thank you for explaining, it really wasn’t very clear to me (being a Brit)

Are home owners able to set up two separate profiles to indicate two different homes/locations. I know there are more home owners out there who have two homes.

I’m a Brit as well, but have been in Canada for 20 years. I was in UK last week and for the first time ever, saw a fifth wheel RV on the road there. It was weird as I have no idea what campground would accept something of that size!

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AKA caravan

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We would definitely do a RV sit in Gulf Shores. Ken and I are very familiar with the entire Pensacola region, including Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL, as well as Escambia county. We have family (and now two grandkids) in Pensacola, so we’ve been visiting that region for over 20 years! Actually, we will be there again from mid-January through early February 2023.