Need advice for a Winter sit during holidays

Looking for some advice, in the past we did not experience any issues with applicants. I have posted for 6 weeks Nov to Jan, 2024. We received applicants that either had a pet or children, both of which we have stated as not suitable. 3 others didn’t read the listing as they didn’t have a vehicle and some even said they would take a bus, even though I stated we live in a rural community(although in a village, ) with no public transit system and that the sitter requires a car. Due to length of sit, I reposted with 3 or 6 weeks, someone did apply, which we accepted for the 6 weeks and now they have cancelled. I am getting nervous we will not find a sit , any suggestions??

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Hello @Crystals; I had a quick look at your listing and it looks great, I wish I was in the market. Just one observation from a Brit; isn’t Canada massively cold & snowy in winter? A lot of folks love that, so maybe put snow photos instead of your current pics which look quite summery?
Good luck searching.

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Some sitters will be put off by a split sit. Whilst in your title you give people the option of a 3 week or 6 week sit - because you have split the dates if someone if searching for a sit that is 1month+ your listing won’t come up in the search so potential sitters for long sit may not see it .

You do not state how long Zoey can be left alone for . It would be helpful to add that information.

You mention that Zoey sleeps on the bed - is that a deal breaker ? There are sitters who will be ok with this but it will also rule out others who are not comfortable with this .

If families are applying maybe that is an option that you can reconsider?

Thanks, I will definitely revise my listing

Thanks I will include how long Zoey can be left and adjust the sleeping on the bed!

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@Crystals what a beautiful home and Zoey is so cute. I really don’t have any suggestions, but I wouldn’t split sits unless you found a great sitter who then requests this…then you can think about it.

This sit should be awesome for a digital nomad looking for a home base for 2 months. For travellers from afar, a car is always an issue if they have to rent it for 2 months, it becomes so expensive. Any chance you might be able to provide one and work out with sitters some compensation of they use in excess of x miles, for example?