Current Service Disruption - 18.00 BST September 24th

Hi everyone, we’re currently experiencing service disruption which we’re investigating.

This is affecting web and app users we apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience.

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The app seems to be working (iPhone).

The App won’t allow me to log-in (with the correct credentials).
Website seems OK.

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Service should be resumed now

Please let us know if you are still experiencing any issues.

Thanks for your patience and once again apologies for any inconvenience.

@Saltrams me too.

@Saltrams @Timshazz I also had this issue on the App on my iPhone but after a few attempts it then let me in. Please let us know if this problem persists.

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@Samox24 tried over a dozen times. Not happening.

@Timshazz thank you for the update. I have also tagged @Angela_L

Probably wise to change any passwords and if you use the THS password anywhere else change that as well as ‘service disruption’ is often code for ‘we got hacked’.

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@Keldin will do as soon as something is working well enough to do so.

Yay, managed to sign-in to the App.
Damn, the listing I was notified about, which made me try to access the App is now “currently not in need of a sitter”. Ho hum, it’s not as if that is unusual now….

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I have been able to log in successfully both on app and website.
I did have to confirm as a human even tough all signs indicate I’m a unicorn.

Hi @Timshazz Are you able to sign in on the App now?

Just tried. Yes. The sit in Florence however is now already reviewing applications! Dammit.

Hi @Timshazz thank you for checking and confirming. Sorry to hear that and I am sure another great sit is waiting around the corner for you :crossed_fingers:t2:

Service should now be back working across App & website

if anyone is still having issues please connect with the Membership Services Team via