Days gone by…

As pet lovers and owners, we all have wonderful memories of those that were in our lives, and at some point have sadly left us. :dog::tiger::horse::cat::baby_chick::turtle::goat::black_cat::rooster::guide_dog::rabbit2::rat::paw_prints::parrot::poodle::sheep::ox::tropical_fish:Thank goodness for all the times when they shared in our lives. I’m always lighthearted when FB pops up a flashback memory, and it’s a photo of one of our little ones that have passed. Feel free to share your pics of beloved pets from days gone by :heart:


Chicky in Edinburgh

Bubbles 21 years old crossed the rainbow 21-12-21 London

Chester Glasgow


What beautiful little faces :heart:


Wonderful new topic @Joanne and a good place to pay tribute to those we remember.
I have more…
They will always live in our hearts.


Holly … Born December 25th 1991

I was born with a leash in my hand animals have been part of my life forever and they were all special but Holly was quite simply my heart dog.

A huge part of our family who shared our globetrotting expat lives and clocked up more air miles than some humans.

She was my best friend and devoted companion who made us laugh, cry and “curse” in equal measure and who broke our hearts when we said our final goodbye BUT clever girl she lead us to pet sitting helped heal my heart and changed our lives, forever.

Thank you Holly … there isn’t a day goes by when I don’t miss you even after 17 years. :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Such a beautiful girl!!!

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