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I’m going to add to this because it’s relevant for our first international sit.

Most times when entering the USA I have no trouble because it’s for holiday.

However, US border guards are way over the top if they even image you might take a “job” from an American vs how relaxed literally any other country I’ve visited is.

I won’t detail all my negative experiences, just the relevant one.

For our very first sit with THS, we were crossing the border and I like to be honest so I told the guard we’re coming to house sit.

He asked if it was paid and I said no and it took 30 minutes to convince him, then 3 more hours to convince his superior officer that we weren’t getting compensated.

They couldn’t imagine that someone would do this for free.

We were forced to have them look through our emails and text messages, then walk them through every page on the THS site, including our logged in account to make sure.

Thankfully we were released and allowed to continue but we were told we need to make a file for all of our sits and keep that record with us to show to border guards next time because we’ve been flagged for future trips.

It was extra stressful because we had dinner plans with the HO and had to tell them there’s a chance we couldn’t come.

So in closing, THS CANNOT claim this is a “job” because first of all, it isn’t, and second, even if it was innocent, THS could end up stranding a HO and a sitter because of this language.