Do you fancy becoming an Airbnb host in Italy for a year?

That would be lovely but difficult for people from the UK (and probably lots of other countries) given that we can only stay in Schengen countries for 90 days in 180……

Looks like you can stay only 3 months but then must find someone to run the airbnb when you leave.

@Kelownagurl I
only speed read the article but it it says --…

The Host will welcome Airbnb guests from around the world for at least 9 months of their year in the 1 Euro House.

The Participant will be responsible for their costs associated with using the 1 Euro House and and operating the 1 Euro House as tourist accommodation (e.g. any costs related to personnel, consumables, cleaning services and utility contracts), as well as costs for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the property.

oof. that could get expensive quickly.

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Looks like they have thought of that - I just read it more closely and it says you can stay for a minimum of 3 months and maximum of up to a year

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You get to keep the income from the Airbnb though.

given how much i hear about hosts struggling for bookings due to covid, i’d hate to rely on that. and it would only take 1 big ticket item to kill all the profit.

If anyone is seriously considering this please contact an established host who can tell you how it really is.
I’ve only been doing it for almost a year and had two bad guests and a nightmare one last week. Granted, they have all been from and the company has dealt with the recent one quickly and efficiently but when you get pictures sent to you of your trashed house…… is it worth it we asked ourselves on Friday morning.
I have been told I have been lucky!

Wouldn’t the place be insured?

I have no idea. But it says you’re responsible for all costs. So even if there is insurance, there would likely be a deductible. This honestly seems like a pretty terrible ‘deal’ to me but i also abhor shared housing and i know many airbnb hosts and they all agree that if you do it right, it is usually a lot of work unless you pay to outsource everything.

I don’t know about Italy but 2021 was record year for most UK hosts -

Airbnb changed our lives , it enabled me to retire at 56.
We were one of the very first hosts in the UK and did it for 13 years which I would regard as the best 13 years of my life. I could write a book of the many great experiences we had and people we met from all over the world during that time.
I agree It can be hard work but for very few hours. -


Booking .com seem to attract much worse guests - I would recommend you come off that platform and stick to Airbnb. The review system and host guarantee makes it a much safer place to find your guests. By using them exclusively it helps keep your listing high in the search ratings as they don’t like blocked dates on the calendar which you get by using multiple platforms.
I had up to 4 properties for many years exclusively on Airbnb and never had a bad guest worth talking about.
I would recommend Airbnb to anyone interested in short term letting.

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I’m thinking that way as well. You can’t even warn other hosts about potential bad guests. There is no way a host can leave a review for a guest. All we can do is comment on their review.
And they cancel more.

With Booking come you can cancel easily (2 or 3 days before, even the day before only) and you don’t have to pay anything, with Airbnb i’s much harder to cancel, and if you manage, Airbnb “service” fee is always kept.
Other problem : with Airbnb when a cancellation is made, because a mistake has been made, the owner had rented his place, what Airbnb did not know (??) the money already paid (due to bank rules pretends airbnb) is back to your account 1 week minimum, sometimes 3 weeks after… It’s a real problem when you need to use your credit card abroad and you’re limited !
I’ve been very desappointed lately by Airbnb owners. For the same price I rather prefer now some hotel rooms with more confort and same amenities (fridge, boiler, safe etc.), much cleaner

This is exactly the reason I would not be a host on!

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It is up to the host the cancellation policy on both sites. I have mine set at 5 days.
The differences between the sites are the reviews and has usually more discounts to negotiate. For the hosts they are only paid once a week for completed sits on but Airbnb pays the day after the guest arrives. So if your guest turns up on a Thursday and stays for 9 days it will be 2 weeks from their arrival before the money is realised and the following Monday before it hits the hosts account. A bit of getting used to and think of the interest these companies make with money sitting in their account plus they take 15% of the total paid by the guest as their cut.
It’s hard to do short term let’s without using them as they are so well known. They’ve got you by the short and curlys as my long departed dad used to say.

I think I wouldn’t mind managing an Airbnb if it was a separate unit but not a room in the house I’m living in.

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