Airbnb host to Airbnb guest to Housesitter!

We are Colin & Karyo, brand new housesitters, and delighted to have found this forum, it’s really informative.
We were Airbnb hosts for 13 years and often wondered if it would be possible to travel, living as Airbnb guests full time. When Covid hit Karyo was working remotely and I was retired so we thought we would give it a go.
We decided we may as well go for it properly so in September 2020 we let our apartment, sold all our possessions, and set off on our new adventure.
The logistics of travelling during Covid have been tricky but we followed the guidelines and stayed in Greece, Italy, Spain, then back to the UK.
Short-stay accommodation in the UK can be really expensive and I remembered a friend mentioning house sitting to me before so I did a little internet research and came across Trusted housesitters. As animal lovers and travel lovers ourselves, it suited us perfectly so I started to apply for sits. I applied for 13, got rejected for 6 but managed to confirm 4 x one month sits around the UK starting next week. ( the other 3 I withdrew my applications)
Thanks to you all, I’ve been reading through your tips and stories on this forum and they really motivated me to start applying
Colin ( and Karyo) x


A huge welcome to you both, Colin and Karyo. We are over the moon to hear about your transition from Airbnb hosts to finally become house sitters, and very happy to share in your immediate success - 4 sits is awesome. It sounds like you might have a formula which I’m sure many other forum members will be quizzing you about.

Your story is also a wonderful testament to the purpose and success of this forum who’s members have provided that motivation to get you started on your house sitting adventures. This is heartwarming feedback to read and we look forward to sharing in your unfolding journey with TrustedHousesitters and this community. All the best from us all on the team.

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Languages are really fascinating : you write in english “we are over the moon”, I guess it means “we are delighted
we say in french “nous sommes aux anges”. How funny (need to speak french to understand the subtle différence)

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