Don't be put off by age

UPDATE: Amy has done a lovely review for us, highly recommended especially if you have horses.

We booked a sitter for 2 weeks recently she’d only done two sits and was very young (about 24), we’re in our 60s. I had to search for her as I had horses. She was absolutely marvellous and went above and beyond with my demanding horses, cats and wild birds and left the house very clean and tidy. I was worried she’d feel remote and lonely but she really enjoyed her time walking and exploring. The Pefect Millennial (they get a bit of flack!)


@JuliePetParent in that case she is gen Z - the next generation down - not millenial

Not sure why the surprise - 24 isn’t really very young and is a perfectly established adult capable of the same things you are


That’s great news @JuliePetParent as you were concerned about finding a sitter with horse experience. You found a great sitter and gave her an opportunity where she was a new sitter. Well done on the outcome and thanks for reporting back to the Forum.


Thanks Admin but every time i post i get some person having a go at me. We’ve been HO for 5 years and had some great sitters.


@JuliePetParent I have sent you a DM please have a look :slight_smile:

Thanks Temba, after your perfect sit with us, was worried about anyone (any age!) matching up!


Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. - Dr. Seuss


@JuliePetParent , I also think it’s great news and worth posting. Please ignore thoughtless and unnecessarily insulting posts. They speak more about the person doing the posting than they do about the intended recipient, and they are not in keeping with the spirit of the forum. You are a valued member. We need more like you.


@mars thank you! I try to be positive, we’d have been lost without THS and tell lots of people we meet about it.


Fyi, it is noteworthy when a young person demonstrates a high level of maturity. Neuroscientist, Jill Bolte Taylor, who wrote the book, My Stroke of Insight, in which she chronicles her own massive stroke (very good book, btw) discusses brain development in a very interesting TED talk. The pre-frontal cortex, that part of the brain that controls rational thinking, impulse control and enables us to understand the consequences of our actions is not fully developed until the age of 25. Parents of teenagers and anyone who has been a teenager can relate to this.
Keep 'em alive to 25.
— Jill Bolte Taylor


I suggest judging people individually, rather than by their age or other elements that no one controls.

Ageism is a form of discrimination, whether you practice it against someone younger or older.

Personally, I‘ve had a 20-something sit my home (outside of THS), because I knew she was responsible and great at problem-solving. There are plenty of people older than her whom I wouldn’t choose, simply because they’re less trustworthy, not because of their age.


A nice bit of feedback @JuliePetParent on your young sitter. Loads of HOs would think 24 is young and horses are a lot of work so it’s fab that it all worked out perfectly for you & them and the animals too. #itsgoodtoshare :heart:


Thankyou @Cuttlefish , my main worry was that she would feel isolated in our remote home, i made sure local farmers knew she was there and to look out for her if need be.


@Maggie8K , it wasn’t ageist, i knew i could trust her with my horses, i was more worried about her being lonely and perhaps a bit nervous on her own in our remote home


@mars , interesting as she was actally a neuroscience graduate.


@JuliePetParent that was so very considerate of you to think and care for her welfare. If she needed it or she didn’t, you were very kind in your consideration.


@ziggy thank you!


I feel like I was just as responsible 25 years ago as I am today. Maybe there is some maturity that happens with aging but I look at all the people who I’ve known for 30+ years and people really haven’t changed much.


That’s great news @JuliePetParent and just goes to show home owners shouldn’t be put off by younger applicants (nor older ones :joy::rofl:). I can’t see any recent reviews on your page as the last one is 2019.

@JuliePetParent, I’m confused. The title of your post and your post brought up age. If age wasn’t a factor, OK.