Dream “Must Haves”

White towels are a must! :blush:

@Angela-CommunityManager @Düsenzofe White towels & sheets are the best but when you have bright pink hair and forgot a backup dark towel / pillowcase they are terrifying!


OmG what a nightmare :flushed: :rofl:

@Angela-CommunityManager. @ElsieDownie , et. al, what kind of knife sharpener do you use? Manual? Electric? It would be nice to have one that sharpens all kinds of knives (serrated, Japanese, ceramic, etc.) and scissors. I have been shopping around ever since this thread started. Any recommendations?

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Hi @mars … these might help


Yes, @Angela, I read this article when you posted it on July 6. Thank you. I was just wondering which one you and others use. Do you use one these AnySharps?

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Any Sharp can stick to the kitchen surface by a clever suction pad. Can’t be used for serrated but anything else will sharpen. Small so it takes up no room in your luggage and sharpens like a dream. Wouldn’t be without it.


Location, location, location! I like to be somewhere I can take hikes or have days at the beach with the kids.

I can stomach pretty much anything if I have those things. :slight_smile:

Oooh! Very slick! The one we travel with is ridiculously huge. Christmas is coming…

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Blunt knives are one of my biggest pet peevers. ANysharp look awesome - wish I’d known about them earlier. Heading off for a sit in a few day (Mexico) and would not be able to get it in time. Definitely on my list!!


That looks handy for travel, thanks!

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