Dreaming of travel and housesits

I’ve just spent a lazy hour browsing the sits listed on THS. If one takes my fancy I google more information about the place and if I’m still intrigued I google the flight prices.
It’s all a dream. I’m not going to apply for most of these sites. The dates are wrong or it’s in the wrong season or something else.
But, it’s good to dream. Do other people wile away last hours doing this? And has it ever actually happened? You have been browsing and reading through a listing and something tugs at your heart strings and no matter how impractical it is you have to go?

I’m a very practical person so I let my head rule my heart but maybe someday I’ll get to……. Wherever takes my fancy.


All the time. Dreaming is how we create. Everything starts as a thought, an idea. I can spend a whole day letting my fingers travel the world because I am a forward thinker. I have to see and get a feel of what is out there so I can create my life experiences.
My problem is I jump too far ahead :dancer: I am booked into May and have some tentative independent dreams, I want to walk El Camino but I have a lot of work to do to prepare. It is something I have been wanting to do maybe 15 years? I can’t afford to postpone my dreams anymore. None of us can really.

Do you know that if you favorite something that suits your fancy you will get notified when they post dates in the future? It really helps to dreamscape and manifest those dreams. And yes it does so very much happen.
Go for it friend.


Sounds like someone else may have also seen the “Six months on a tropical island in Cambodia” listing. It had me dreaming – until I pulled myself back to the realities of what I already have planned for 2022! :grin:

The THS website does have a way of inducing travel dreams. My hope for the future is that I’ll be able to turn some of them into reality.

@Amparo If you haven’t already seen “The Way”, it’s a good movie about the Camino de Santiago. Since people start their walks in different countries, I’ve occasionally seen pilgrims in different countries. They’re easy to identify since they have scallop shells attached to their backpacks.


Thank you @Mary-Kay!
I have “walked” El Camino in my mind for years. Seen the movie, follow and belong to groups and forums. At one point I even had my first night booked but I have sit instead now :grinning: so pushed back my walk. But it has to happen now.
I have been looking at sits in Thailand and just got notified of one in Costa Rica!
There are tons everywhere especially over the holidays, many long term too.
so exciting.
Where are you off to next?


@Amparo I hope that your walk happens soon – unless you’re distracted by a sit in Costa Rica or Thailand first!

I’m off to the UK tomorrow. It’s an especially good feeling because I’m combining a couple of sits with visiting my daughter in London.


How wonderful @Mary-Kay !
I head to the UK first week of April, booked 6 weeks then I’m walking! There I said it. Now i’m committed! (goosebumps)
Send pics please.


I saw that one in Cambodia. I have even looked at Visa requirements this morning. Very tempting, but for me, no pets is actually a negative. I would probably get bored.
Still, I might go back to it if it is still live in a few weeks…


oh wow, I just saw that Cambodia sit! What an adventure for someone.


Or Christmas in Kazakhstan ! I only noticed it since there is a great big space on the search map, then a '1" in the middle of Asia - oh blast, I can’t go. I’ll be in Bali !!! :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:


Was just going to ask when you head to Bali…
You were on my mind yesterday whilst I was traveling with my fingers. I was looking at the different visas. I could easily get a retirement one. so many options.

@Amparo I leave for Jakarta on Monday. Arrive Tuesday evening then MAYBE 8 days quarantine. Bali airport is due to open on 14th, but only to limited countries, and has announced only 5 days quarantine, so just waiting to see if Jakarta gets reduced too.
Planning to travel down the length of Java by train, stopping at Mount Bromo to do the overnight climb to watch the sunrise, then continue to Bali on the Ferry. Still no sits, but I have been in touch with a previous HO and she is now back to 3 dogs again, 2 new rescues, and is hoping to travel soon, so a possible house sit there.


Fantastic. So very happy for you and for all those wonderful people that have been waiting for this. I keep in touch with a woman there, she is a driver and she has kept me updated of their challenges.
This is so good.
Travel well and live with passion!


@Petermac I’ve really been enjoying your enthusiastic posts about Indonesia. We lived in Surabaya (Java) for five incredible years. The morning climb to the top of Mount Bromo was always a favorite. It’s a longer hike but the summit of Mount Semeru is also amazing. At sunrise, the volcano casts a cone shadow on the island and you can see both the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Wishing you safe travels to Jakarta and a short quarantine!


It’s good to dream and explore the amazing opportunities coming to the site on a daily basis but it’s also essential to keep your adventurous feet in the reality box.

Knowing yourself, your capabilities, experience and doing the research is essential, there have been sitters lured by exotic locations only to discover that when they got there that it wasn’t right for them.


Yes I saw it and I did read up about it but it’s not for me. Too long for one. I get itchy feet after the couple of months and I know what conditions are like on tropical islands. Yes, it’s all running water, air conditioning and food a plenty for tourists but next time your on a cruise and walking down the street filled with expensive jewellery shops, perfume and luxury watches take a right or a left and see the real island.
It’s the best fun in the world taking local buses to the weekly market and bantering with the shop keepers but for six months……no. I’ll leave that to another intrepid traveller.


Every day. I even have searches set up for places I want to go even though I know I can’t. Travel, both the planning and the “going”, took up a great deal of our time since I retired in 2016 so I’ve found it a real struggle to sit at home for the last 20 months and not even be able to plan a trip. Peeking at the listings every day gives me hope that we will be back in France and the UK next spring.

I’m also excited to say that we recently got accepted for a short sit on one of the gulf islands in BC and we added on a few nights at a cottage on another island to make it a 10 day “holiday”. For now, we’ll have to be content with that.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts @Kelownagurl and your sit sounds wonderful … it’s one of the places I would love to return to also … enjoy and please post pics. :canada: :slight_smile:

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Always be prepared for the unexpected! I never imagined I would be in a Wookey Hole!
Can anyone guess where this is?


@Amparo I know exactly where that is but I won’t spoil for everyone. We were taken there on a school outing many, many, many years ago :rofl: It’s also close to where my mum lives now :slight_smile:


Both me and my partner do this all the time. I’m the TH browser and he’s the recon- searching the area for hiking trails, breweries and the like. We agreed we wouldn’t leave the UK until Jan 15 at the latest (still getting our stuff together after two years of languishing) but we saw an incredible month-long sit in BC for December and HAD to apply. Unfortunately we weren’t selected and were heartbroken, but now I’m a bit relieved as it would’ve really been pushing the timeline.

My favourites list is jam packed full of listings that I dream of one day being able to experience. If the world continues to recover and we can go back to FT travel I do hope some of them become a reality!

(also, I too saw that Cambodia listing and took a moment to daydream about it. We both agreed that for a long sit on a small island, we’d have to go visit first. I spent a few days on Koh Samui that turned into two weeks because of torrential rains washing away the docks! Wouldn’t want to experience something like that again!)