Hello from Fairfax, Va!

Hello to all of you! I love this idea of the forum, and am trying to figure out how to put up “railings” for myself so I can still work :rofl: I remember the days when Lonely Planet’s Travel Forum took up hours of my time…

We are on the HO side of THS, and have loved the experience. At some point my husband and I see ourselves becoming sitters because it opens up so many more opportunities to experience life.

We are fortunate to be able to travel regularly–sometimes just 3 hours away and sometimes continents away–and being part of this community has been a tremendous blessing.

We’re looking forward to the conversations and learning about others’ perspectives and experiences.


Hi neighbor! We’re in Alexandria, so I figured I’d just say hi and let you know you got a THS friend near by :slight_smile: Pretty new to housesitting myself, so I am trying to get as much exposure and help as I can.


I know what you mean, and used to use Lonely Planet’s forum when I was backpacking. Just like Facebook you can spend a lot of time here….