Hello from Boise, Idaho, USA!

Mark and I work from home and from on the road (as a Process Consultant/Executive Advisor and Coach/Analyst, respectively) as both Trusted Housesitters owners and sitters.
Between travels to be near family (six adult children between us), we take time away for just the two of us, with books joining animals as our essentials. We love all things elemental: rock, water, sun, wind, trees. We also love cities.


Hi @patricia1470 and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. From reading your profile it sounds like you two spend a good amount of time traveling. That’s fantastic! Do you have some favorite spots you keep returning to?

As you get started with TrustedHousesitters you may also want to take a look at this great blog post on Getting the most out go your TrustedHousesitters membership.

We look forward to hearing about your first housesits and what fun adventures you take with your new fur friends.

Kelly & the Forum Team

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Hello from Virginia, @patricia1470! Wow, it sounds like you are maximizing your THS experience. I understand Boise is one of the fastest-growing areas in the USA. How is it impacting you and your community?

We have had great experiences as an owner with THS, and my husband and I have thought about joining as sitters but haven’t made the move yet. Our favorite sitter is also an owner. Makes me wonder how many others are out there?

Safe travels!