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Hello all,

I’m Sterling, 35 from SW Virginia. My partner and I have been on THS for 3-4 years now and have logged many sits spanning all over the US and one in Berlin we’ve done several times.

We’re one of the most unique couples life can offer as we’re an age gap couple. We’re weird, we know, and it’s part of what makes us great. We have youth and wisdom all in the same package and decades of experience with pets. We’re self employed and Stephanie is retired from American Airlines so we fly for free with great flexibility. This allows us to delay or arrive to help with homeowners schedules.

Since we live on a beautiful 22acre homestead in the middle of the Jefferson National Forest we choose to travel to the worlds greatest cities.

At the moment we have two kitties Scooter and Lucy that are just a year old. In addition to the kitties we have an 8mo old German Shepard Dog named Ziva.

Our critters are our family and we hate leaving them for our adventures but we know they’re in the best of care when we do. We’re excited to connect with others in the community. If there are meetups in the future we would certainly be interested in those. Thanks for making this great!


Hi @Sterling_III thank you for that great introduction into your lives from SW Virginia and welcome to the forum.

Your home sounds idyllic and having the best of both worlds, city and country together with pet companionship when housesitting, sounds like the perfect travel lifestyle, not to mention your attractive travel option.

Kittens and puppies adding to your spot of heaven sitters will have an amazing experience.

Thank you again for joining, enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members from around the world.

Angela & The Team


Hello proud kitty lover and owner for most of my life…living in sw Ohio for nearly 3 decades now…I work in a restaurant but have watched friends pets from time to time…love almost all animals but cats and dogs win with me…I go to thier homes…near me and will near my work…live with some of my family and near a relative…I own a pretty dilute Tortie…calico named peaches who’s a unique lady in herself funny silly…a lap cat…most of my fam owns and loves dogs and cats…


Welcome to our community forum @CATBRAT and Peaches … thank you for the introduction into your life in SW Ohio so glad you could join us and we look forward to getting to know you and Peaches better.

Enjoy connecting with our global community … and perhaps some close to you.

Angela & The Team

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Welcome Sterling :wave:

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