Family From Virgina

Hey everybody! My father, sister, and I are new to THS (only have done one incredible sit so far) and currently call VA home. We hope to do a ton more traveling this year–and with THS I see that as more of a reality :slight_smile: We also travel with my dog Kesey and my sister’s cat Cleo.

We’re so excited to be a part of this community and maybe we’ll see you around!


Hi @batyal and welcome! I, too, am in Virginia. Enjoy all the adventures that await and read all you can here on the forum. Nice to have you!


@Vanessa-Admin and @Angela-CommunityManager, do most forum users have the same user name as they do in THS? I selected a different one just because I wasn’t sure of the preferred norm and did not see something to that end in the FAQ.

Thanks for your help and understanding if this answer is on another category post


Hi @ThreeLittleBirds members on the website go by their given names, it’s only on the forum that members adopt usernames, some forum members will also register a different email address to their TrustedHousesitters membership as they are two independent platforms.

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ty. that is what i thought, and why i picked this name. Cheers!

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