Elly & Andy welcoming you to New Orleans

Looking forward to traveling the world and welcoming fellow wanderers to New Orleans.

If you have both a sitter and an owner’s membership do others often do “house swaps” or usually just find sitters or places to sit?


Hello, @Elly-Andy-NOLA What amazing photos and thank you for sharing the New Orleans festive spirit, it is on my list of places to visit!

I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the community forum, where you can connect with like-minded members who are full of helpful tips and advice. You can also use the spyglass to search for previous topics and read and contribute to that thread.

It can be really helpful to add your TrustedHousesitters sitters profile link to your forum profile, and then other members can view it and offer you helpful feedback.

Here is how to add it:

If you need me to add it for you just let me know.

Where in the world are you starting your travels?

Welcome to the forum-won’t answer your question because I am only a sitter member, but will keep an eye open for your sits. I grew up in New Orleans - the 7th ward and Lakeview and would love to get back for a multi-week sit. Have only been back for short stays for meetings and my 50th high school reunion since my parents moved away after Katerina (and they were getting too old to be without close family nearby).


That would be great if you could add the link.

Our first trip is to California in May and we have two planned in August, one to Ohio, the other to Denver.

We are actively looking for sitting opportunities in DC and Florida as well. :sunglasses::star_struck:

We have two listings up now and more to come. It looks like I will have to add our profile link to our forum profile.

Welcome to the community forum @Elly-Andy-NOLA !!! I LOVE New Orleans! My sister used to live there so I have been many times and I am obsessed with the food. Oysters, étouffée, gumbo, crawfish, Jambalaya, po-boys, Beignets, and a hurricane here and there haha. Where are your favorite places to eat? Our very own @Karen-Moderator will be in New Orleans in April for 3 weeks and I’m sure she would love some recommendations. In fact, she is planning a THS member meetup towards the end of April so that would be amazing if you could make it!

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We do love it here!

We are vegan so may not be able to provide much in the way of recommendations but the truth is, as long as you stay away from the chains restaurants, you really can’t go wrong.

We would be interested to hear more about the meet up in April.


Ah ok! Any favorite vegan places? And yes once @Karen-Moderator finalizes the details for the Nola member meetup we will be sure to share them here on the forum :slight_smile:

Hello @Elly-Andy-NOLA and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

What fabulous photos! … thank you for sharing :blush:

As @Carla-Moderator mentioned, if you could add your TrustedHousesitters sitters profile link to your forum profile that would be great because then others will be able to give helpful advice and information.

If you are unsure how to do this or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help.

Do you have a particular region of California in mind that you will be heading to in May?

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@Elly-Andy-NOLA I have added your THS sitters link to your forum profile, if you need anything else just let me know :grin:

We are visiting our daughter in Vacaville, Northern California.

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Thank you so much!

Some of our favorite vegan places are Sweet Soulfod, I-Tal Garden and Kindred. Sukho Thai also has several vegan options.

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Thanks - your sit looks great, unfortunately I’m already sitting those dates on Vancouver Island.
We used to go to the Okeanos parade on St Claude Ave and watched from a friends store.

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We were fortunate enough to find a sitter for this trip, we have more planned though!


Yum! I’ll have to check out these places next time I’m down!

Hello, @Elly-Andy-NOLA I can see that you have your home listing up as well. Would you like me to also add that link to your forum profile?

Yes, please do!

Added for you now :slight_smile: :smiling_face:

Wonderful! Thanks for the recommendations @Elly-Andy-NOLA. We eat mostly plant-based and going to vegetarian and vegan restaurants to get new ideas of things we can make.

Where in California and Ohio will you be? I spent my childhood in Cincinnati (and still have a son there) and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 7 years before becoming a nomad.

More details to come on the NOLA meetup.

Also, do you have any tips for Jazz Fest? This will be our first time, after years of wanting to go but one thing or another getting in the way. I’d love it if you could share any tips for making the most of our stay. TIA