Email Verification Frustration

I’ve signed up to become a sitter with the middle tier membership. I’ve completed my profile as well as the criminal background check and phone verification.

However I have yet to receive an email verification. Yes, I’ve checked my spam =). I’ve even tried my alternate email address. Still nothing! Needless to say this is frustrating because it’s preventing me from applying to sitter positions.

Communicating with Trusted Housesitters is a bit of a joke. Their phone number goes to voicemail. Their bot isn’t helpful and doesn’t allow me to contact a person. I can only leave a message.

It seems like email verification should be the easiest step in the verification process but it’s turned into the biggest obstacle to participating in the community.

Has anyone run into trouble with this?


edit: @Angela-CommunityManager @Katie-MembershipServices


Anyone have any suggestions?

I’ve phoned, emailed and tweeted them with no success. They are seemingly impossible to reach

@Angela-CommunityManager @Katie-MembershipServices

Thank You @Petermac

@romaitas I know they are still working with a reduced staff at present, but I am sure someone will be in touch soon.

Ah cool. I just thought the email verification would be automated considering I was able to verify phone and background check. [Admitedly, I’m impatient :laughing:].

I agree @romaitas that it has been difficult to contact member support. The phone number should not even be listed as a choice, as you will never reach a human being. Nor does the chat feature take you to a live person — a bot simply directs you to FAQ’s. The only way to reach a person is through email. In the past I would receive an answer the following day. Lately, it has taken two or more days for an answer. I have the original basic sitter membership. It now appears if you have a standard or premium membership, you will have dedicated member support, although I don’t know if this will make it easier to reach them with a question. Dedicated member support seems to be geared to helping you get started as a new sitter. It assists you in creating a profile, getting references and verifications, and searching and applying for your first sit, plus they contact you during your sit to make sure everything is ok. I realize this pandemic year has affected their service. Their assistance, when you get it, is very helpful. I wonder if the increased cost of membership, now with different tiers, will allow THS to hire additional member support personnel.


I have the middle membership… $170 or something like that.

It’s so frustrating as I had travel plans that were messed up and now I’m in a place where I could apply to housesit after moving out of my flat.

Email verification is such a simple step yet I haven’t received an email even after clicking resend a hundred times after waiting 30 minutes between requests.

Phone verification took 30 seconds.

Background check took 2 minutes.

I would love to watch some beautiful animals but I can’t apply to anything because of the email verification.

Three of the hosts I was going to reach out to have already filled their vacancies (happy for them) but I wasn’t able to throw my hat in the ring because of email verification. :disappointed:

Hi @romaitas, Welcome to the forum and I’m very sorry for the late response to your message, for some reason I have only just seen this in the forum … I am now going to pick this up directly with Membership Services.

Membership services are working with a greatly reduced team over reduced hours and are experiencing an unusually high volume of incoming messages causing a delay in response times, which we apologise for and regret any inconvenience that this may have caused you or any other member.

I will get Membership Services to respond to you in this thread.

Once again I can only apologise for the delay.

Angela and the Team

Hi Romaitas.

Thank you for contacting us, I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you regarding this issue.

I have taken a look and can see that your email is unsubscribed from our mailing system, due to GDPR we can’t contact members who have not agreed to be contacted, and unfortunately, that also means our automatic messages like the email verificaiton.

I have now resubscribed you and resent the verification email, you should now see it in your email account.

If you have any other questions please let me know.
Kind regards,

Hi @mars thank you for your support.

COVID sadly caused a number of redundancies and we lost excellent agents. We are hiring to bring the team back up to full complement, which would be happening as a matter of priority regardless of any membership changes. New agents go through a very comprehensive training program, all of which takes time of course.

At the moment we have a very small team who are experiencing exceptionally high numbers of incoming messages and emails ,which is causing a delay in response times. We can only apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing and would like to thank everyone for their patience.

Thank you for your response and fixing the issue!

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Hi @Angela-CommunityManager I’ve also just signed up, have tried to resend my email verification multiple times, tried two different email accounts and tried the bot, email assistance and the phone line.
Can you please assist?

Hi @sarahandsean welcome to the forum and I’m sorry you are having issues with the verification process a member of the team is looking into this for you.

Once again I do apologise and will get this sorted for you as soon as possible. Update for you @sarahandsean James from Membership Services has solved the issue, it may have been to do with the multiple applications, he is emailing you to confirm that it is done.

Thank you for joining and I hope you will stay connected here on the forum and with our other members.

Looking forward to sharing in your experiences and four year THS journey …

Angela and the Team

Hi @Angela-CommunityManager and James. Thanks so much for your help in resolving this. Much appreciated, Sarah

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Hi again @Angela-CommunityManager , thanks for the assistance, the profile is completely verified though it’s referencing my profile as not live. I’ve scoured the account and can’t find anywhere to active it?

Hi @sarahandsean have DM you.

Hi @sarahandsean good news your profile is now live, thank you for your patience.

Hi @Angela-CommunityManager thanks very much for all your assistance! Sarah

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