Ending my first sit - exit advice

My first sit will end this coming Saturday and I want to make sure I leave a good impression as they will be leaving my first TH review.
I’ve absolutely loved my time in Nashville and sitting the 3 dogs and cat. I’ve offered to get them basic groceries for their return as it is very late in the evening. I’ll also be washing all linens and leaving the bed freshly made for their return as well.
Have a thank you card to write and leave.

What else do you all recommend besides the basics of cleaning up after myself and leaving the house as it was when I arrived?

Thanks for your advice. This has been a great tool for me to learn about navigating this new adventure.


@adventuresinlexington - It sounds like you have nailed it - Congratulations on your first, hopefully of many, sits


Well done @adventuresinlexington and congratulations!

It sounds like you have been extremely conscientious of the service you have provided and I can’t think of anything else.

I usually make a comment such as “I hope everything has satisfied your expectations and is there anything you can think of I could have done differently?” That’s just my own standard practice from my career days. It not only gives me insight as to how to improve but conveys a sincere message that I strive to do my best.


As a HO, I think you have done plenty. I have had sitters leave flowers, but not necessary. A couple made a meal for us upon our return, but once again, not necessary. Clean linens and a clean house are really important when you return home. Who wants to deal with any of that the next day??


I’m disappointed to read that someone might think of flowers as ‘not necessary’. I always leave flowers. Who doesn’t like fresh flowers?


I have friends that are allergic and I was told not to give them fresh flowers. If there is a cat I am always hesitant to leave them a plant, as many of the typical houseplants are poisonous to cats. I usually take the cue from the HOs, themselves. Do they have plants and flowers in the house? Do they have beautiful landscaping outside? If so, I may get them a plant or flowers as a parting gift. It’s on a case by case basis. Same with pet treats. If the pet is on a special diet, treats from me may not be a good idea.


I would not leave “basic groceries” unless it’s to replenish something that you know the HO consumes. For example, I do not drink milk, so if someone leaves a full container of milk, it will just go to waste. Lots of people do not eat bread, and/or may be allergic to eggs.

I usually spend many hours doing a deep clean. If I borrowed a car, I get it washed and fill up the tank (if applicable).

One thing I’d make sure you have sorted out is what to do with the key etc. I was on a sit where the HOs had told me to leave the keys inside and depart via the garage. Unfortunately, the garage door would detect my running under it and go back up. I had a flight to catch and that bit was quite stressful.


I normally leave “basic groceries” based on what they left for us. I try to note the brand of bread/butter/milk or whatever and try to purchase the same for their return because I know what they normally buy.

I’ve sometimes bought flowers, or picked some from the garden, primarily to replace flowers that were in the house when I arrived.

I only leave a meal or a treat if I’m certain I know they can/will eat it.


The only thing I want as a HO is that my animals have been looked after to the absolute best if anyone’s abilities at the time, and that the sitters’ attitude has been one of doing the best they can at the time, including communicating when we have asked for. As for the rest, just living and tidying as you would do in your own house. It may be different than ours…may be more, or may be less…but there are no games for us. No one upmanship of which sitter can do well. When we have discussions with our sitter we make that crystal clear that is what we care about for the best mutual exchange of energy.


I am a homeowner who doesn’t feel it is necessary. Taking care of my precious baby was the best thing they could do.


Taking great care of the animals and leaving the house spotless (or at least as clean as you found it) should usually do it. We usually replenish some supplies (if they left any for us) and if we have time we cook a time consuming dish like pizza from scratch or dumplings.

lots of people. i find flowers wasteful. they’re expensive and die in a couple days. it’s different if you’re picking from your garden, but from a florist with farmed plants? pass. plus lots of people have allergies so coming home and having to deal with your house being contaminated by something you’re allergic to would be a nightmare.


Sounds like you have thought of everything. Plus some good advice above. We do it on a case by case basis. If the HOs are coming home very late they probably do not want a full meal waiting for them. We have left meals, replenished fridges/pantry. Put a meal in the freezer. Left flowers. Left a thank you note. Left a special bottle of wine. Chocolates. NOT every time, but whatever we feel would work for the situation and taking into account HOs likes, preferences, allergies etc.


Hi @adventuresinlexington . As others have said, you seem to have covered everything. Don’t stress yourself with anything else, you may run out of time

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I will continue to buy flowers.

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I think you have thought of everything. You would be more than welcome to sit for me! Good luck with your future sits I’m sure you will be very popular.

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That’s just what I’d do. I sometimes make a meal for home owners returning late but, as others have said, that’s not necessary. Well done on your first sit

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You did a great job, I’m
Just happy to have my dog taken care of and coming back to a clean home with linens washed if there is time. No flowers or food necessary.


Hi @CambridgeAnnie - I’d love to be considered for a sit with you and your pets. Let’s chat!!

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As you should. I was just answering the question you asked.