Endless Travel Adventures!

The calendar days are slipping by, as we prepare for our full time retirement adventures to begin. We are sorting, packing, donating, and storing all that remains of our belongings in the next few weeks. Departure from our current home is in 23 days…and we are both truly amazed as we contemplate the potential opportunities, of our life going forward. It’s thanks to you all here, who have offered suggestions and guidance over the last several months, that made this planning stage so seamless. We’ve confirmed 99.9% of our summer plans, which include 2 months of pet sitting.

The Wonder of the Seas has a special place in my heart, as the vessel that will begin our amazing journey on 4/20/22. My grandfather crossed the ocean 110 years ago from Italy in April 1912 (he was actually at sea when the Titanic sank) and arrived in NYC to view the Statue of Liberty for the first time. We are embarking on our first fully retired transatlantic adventure when Wonder pulls away from the docks in April. We will return via another transatlantic cruise 9/4 on board Voyager of the Seas. In honor of my ancestors, I will finally be able to step foot on the island of Sicily, the land of my grandparents.

We never could have imagined that pet sitting would become such an integral part of our retirement journey. We feel that as members of THS, the potential for amazing experiences are endless!


Thank you for sharing this wonderful story and for taking us along as you prepare for your big adventure, we cannot wait to be part of your next best life. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager for your kind words…I feel like we are all ‘along’ for the ride :wink:


Looks fabulous! Have a super time and enjoy your new lifestyle


Thank you @Smiley

The entire planning is too exciting and sounds great.
I would like to know your journey experience.
Keep sharing your thoughts and great ideas.
Nothing can be more beautiful than adventures traveling as your retirement dream.

This inspires me to plan my next adventures trip.
Thanks for sharing such a great idea.