Error message 403 Forbidden

I am unable to access the site through any listing on my daily emails of Saved Searches. It gives me the message 403 Forbidden.
Is anyone else having this problem? I have tried all the options suggested by help desks and they indicate the message may be from the originator, I.e. THS.
It is indicating that I have no authority to use the site.
Any assistance would be welcome

Hi @Itchyfeet thank you for flagging, I’m going to pass this immediately for the tech team to investigate.

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Hi again @Itchyfeet message from the team …

“Could you please ask the member to message Membership Services and also to include a URL from the Saved Search listing”

I will tag @Therese-Moderator also


I got this message this morning when I tried to click on my daily alerts

@carolineJohn1 This message comes up if you are in a blocked country, eg Ukraine, or high-security risk countries, but it should not appear in normal functioning areas. Please can you kindly send us a URL of the listing to … For Attention Therese … so we can investigate this further.
Many thanks for your help … Kind regards Therese

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Hi @Therese-Moderator
The good news is that the 403 problem has gone away. I have not done anything on my side so assume your IT department has rectified the issue.

I am at home in the UK using all our own devices. However, we spent sometime in Spain where we did use a VPN. We have been back home though for nearly a week without any problems until this morning.
Thanks very much for your prompt support

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