Escape to the Country

My husband and I really enjoy watching Escape to the Country and tonight we were watching an episode from 2016 with a couple, Martin and Christine, who are looking for a new house, and who got an idea of where they wanted to live by joining a House and Pet Sitting “scheme.” They don’t name the site but I’m wondering if it’s THS?!

Anyway, I thought that was kind of cool but also funny because my hubby and I get ideas of where we want to housesit in the UK by watching ETTC. :grinning:


I’m an addict of ‘Escape to the Country’ too and have learnt so much about the various counties plus visited some of the places they have included in their episodes. I even bought "The Escape to the Country’ beautiful handbook by Jules Hudson last year to help stave my withdrawal symtoms of not being able to visit!!!


I’m doing the same thing as when I’ve finished this bout of nomadic housesitting/travelling (if I ever do!) I want to sell my home, which is currently rented, and buy somewhere else. Problem is I’ve no idea where except hopefully by the sea or somewhere with a river running through the town. Housesitting does give you the opportunity to see if you’d like to live in a place and, not only that, but ideas for interior decoration! The cottage I’m in at the moment is full of inspiring ideas.


Jules is a lovely chap and so good looking! I volunteer most years at the Hay Festival and he was in a queue one year, so I chatted to him. Really genuinely nice


I’m not half envious @Smiley as he’s my favourite. Glad to know he’s just like he comes across on TV. Owners I’ve sat for twice in Somerset know him through the army reserve and they were to get his autograph for me but covid struck and that was that!
Glad your current sit cottage is giving you ideas!


Good thinking. Its not a program I would watch ordinarily but will have to change my mind on that :grinning:

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Oh I bought Jules’ book last year too! I love it.

I am always taking notes of the pretty villages they go to on the show and make a point to visit some of them when we are in the UK.


The “mighty” River Chelt runs past the end of our garden @Smiley! It’s not quite the same as a “proper” river though, is it?

For those who don’t know Cheltenham UK, or those who do and hadn’t realised it had a river, the Chelt is the size of a small stream and disappears completely underground through the town centre.


Haha! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: