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Hello, it is very nice to see there is a forum and community on this site. I’m enjoying reading through your posts. I am brand new to this website. I am on my first pet/housesit on Housesitters Canada, being charmed and chummed by Django!

For me the idea of housesitting is very attractive as a single woman, I love the company of pets, cooking and exploring places on a community level. I’m starting this adventure in my home province of BC as I currently have a rental in Burnaby as well as a studio space at the Langley maker cube. In the future I would like to travel to Scotland/ UK and I feel that this is an inviting and safe way to do it and will also give my family & friends peace of mind.

For years I have thought about tiny home living, possibly van life maybe a trailer. Now I think with the combination of housesitting I might be getting closer to moving forward in that direction. I’m middle-aged and my son is grown, hostel travel is no longer a way I want to travel although I enjoyed it when I was younger.

I just sent out some requests for references and then I will start applying to some local house sits. Nice to meet you all!


Welcome Carrie! I also belonged to House Sitters Canada a few years ago and did a sit in Kelowna. I also live in B.C. - in New Westminster so not too far from you. Best of luck in your sits with THS!

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Welcome Carrie! Isn’t it fun the idea of trying out new ways of living through THS? We love looking through listings to get an idea of what it might be like to live in a certain neighborhood or in a certain style of house.


Thank you Globetrotter,
And hello neighbor! I lived in New West for a while in a work/live condo off of sixth Avenue. I loved my walks to Queens Park through the heritage homes.

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Hello Victoria,
Yes I totally agree. There are some fascinating people, pets and homes on site. Thank you for your response.
Cheers, Carrie