Event « Discover Dogs » in London from 15-16 Oct

While riding the tube this morning, I noticed an advertisement for « Discover Dogs ». According to the website, this London event is « a fantastic opportunity to meet, greet and discover different breeds of dog, learn about the distinctive personalities, traits and looks of each breed ». Visitors will be able to meet over 200 different dog breeds and cuddle their favorites in the cuddle corner. It’s hosted by the Kennel Club.

I’ve never been to « Discover Dogs » but I remember seeing a THS forum post saying that a similar event hosted by the American Kennel Club was very informative.


@Mary-Kay looks like fun!

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Looks interesting but it asks if you’re “thinking about buying a dog?” this could be the place to discover the right breed. I wish less people would buy dogs and more take on a rescue or foster…Just saying…
Oh and dogs aren’t allowed…


@Smiley Like you, I also wish that more people would consider getting a rescue animal, especially since so many animals are ending up in shelters post lockdown. The Kennel Club’s website has a section “Find a Rescue”, so I hope that they’ll also provide some information about rescues at “Discover Dogs”.

If I was in London on October 15 & 16, I would have liked to attend this event. There are quite a few dog breeds that I’d like to meet and learn more about their personalities. Talking with the breeders would also help me decide if I would be a good match for them when I see them in a THS listing.

At the beginning of last summer, I would have said that I wouldn’t feel confident caring for a Bernese Mountain Dog. Then we had the wonderful opportunity to spend 5 weeks with an Entlebucher Mountain Dog, a smaller cousin of the Bernese. As the sit was in the Swiss Alps, we also encountered quite a few Bernese while hiking. Becoming more familiar with the breed completely changed our minds. Now, we’re really looking forward to our first sit with a Bernese in a couple of weeks.

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