Feedback on my listing

Hello, you might want to check out my post 5 common mistakes to avoid for a successful listing

I also took a look at your listing and can suggest the following:

1: nice title, I like it!

2: Your listing’s current profile picture is your sofa… you might want to change that to a nice image of Cornwall. Nice pictures though! You might want to replace the first image of the fish tank, as I can’t see anything and cannot work out what the image is.

3: Rather than being an autobiography, your intro needs to immediately sell your sit and tell sitters why they should choose you. Give my 5 mistakes post a read for further info about this.

4: Your home and location section is far too long and detailed. Large bodies of text that are not broken up into paragraphs and subtitles are tiresome to read, and are likely to be skimmed over or stopped being read half way through. Remember this is an advert and brief overview only, not your welcome guide, so don’t get them confused. Use brief dot points and break your text up with clear paragraphs and sub headings. My 5 mistakes post should help you.

5: Responsibilities section is fine, but perhaps try using simple dot points to help readers clearly understand responsibilities.

Hope that helps!

My post was also turned into a blog for THS, which you can find here: