First listing, can someone take a look?

I just joined THS and posted a listing for July and am wondering if I can ask someone to take a look at it and give me any opinions? I tried to include as much detail as possible but of course still want to make sure it looks reasonably attractive.

Hi there, I took a look for you. Here are my suggestions:

1: Your title is quite long and wordy - it could be condensed to something like: “Explore DC with a comfy condo and sweet kitty!”

2: Your profile picture is your lounge room, and although it’s nice lounge room, it doesn’t do much to stand out in the crowd of a million other profile pictures of lounge rooms and grab attention. Does your apartment have a view? Could your profile picture be of a nice view of DC? You also show many images of your home from different angles, which is slightly repetitive and some of them can be removed.

3: Your into should avoid reading like an autobiography and should instead give some compelling reasons why a sitter should choose you and continue reading your listing to find out more. Sitters would rather know straight away what’s on offer rather than reading about when and why you bought your condo and what activities you enjoy etc.

4: Home and location section is nice, just a little long and can be condensed. Try using simple dot points to break up text, condense and make it easier to read.

5: responsibilities section is fine, maybe just mention how long the cat can be left alone for?

Overall though you have a lovely tone, it sounds and looks like a very nice and very easy sit and I think with a just a little tweaking you have a great listing!

For further reading, you could check out this blog I inspired for THS about mistakes to avoid for a success listing. Hope that helps!

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If you live on the 1st floor why does the back door open into an alley please? This is a little confusing for me, are you actually on the Ground Floor perhaps? A view of your building/street would help sitters visualise your place.
What’s your cat’s character? More about your cat and not so much about you might draw a sitter to your listing perhaps.
My main concern however is the mudroom- my first thought was ‘FIRE HAZARD’…. please perhaps reconsider what you store there….keep safe :heart:

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In the U.S., the ground floor is called the first floor.


Is it? Well that’s news to this English person… here we have floor zero which is the ground floor then the first floor is up a flight of stairs, second floor is the next floor etc.


Yup, what you describe is likewise in places with British influence, like in Hong Kong.

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@lizzieanne I love your listing. The photos are clear and the descriptions detailed enough without being overly so. I can see myself sitting for you, so you should have no trouble attracting sitters.
Just a thought: where does Guacamole sleep?

Thank you for the feedback, this is helpful.

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She has a number of spots where she likes to sleep. Part of the night with me, some in her cat bed on the bedroom floor, cat tree, etc. She’s not hurting for soft spaces. :slight_smile:

Your listing is great. I loved the photos and information about your location and transportation. We wanted to apply but there was a short overlap with another DC sit. Many details individual sitter applicants want to know can be answered during the get-acquainted video chat. You can’t cover every detail in your listing, but you certainly presented enough to entice good sitters to apply. Happy travels!!


I like your listing. You sound very welcoming. And Guacomole looks adorable!
I do agree with @Nagy26 that the title is a bit wordy especially with abreviations that not everyone might be familiar with. Something simpler like they’ve suggested might work better.
I also agree with fellow Brit @BonnyinBrighton that ‘first floor’ is for me the level above ground level. Perhaps- after first floor- you could put (street level)- to make it really clear!

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Thank you!

She sleeps in a cat bed on the floor next to my bed or in her cat tree.

I like the listing a lot! Just for a different perspective i love a good living room photo over a photo of DC - it looks like a cozy space. One thing I do like is the ability to shut the bedroom door at night - especially with cats because they’re (in my experience) less likely than dogs to just curl up and sleep through the night. So maybe add a sentence on whether she would mind the bedroom door being shut or if you expect the sitter to let her roam freely. It’ll narrow your field a bit if she needs to be in the bedroom at night but you’ll be sure that she’ll be happy which is probably worth it!


Wholeheartedly second @Nagy26 's advice.

I think your listing is perfect. The title shows exactly what/when/where you’re offering. The apartment looks clean and tidy. The wording isn’t too long or too short. You come across as friendly and straight forward which is what I as a sitter like. I would apply if I was going to be in the area.