Filtering out sitters

I live in Iowa and have interest in sitting in several US areas and have that noted on my profile. Iowa does not have many sit options unfortunately. Is there a way for us to specify what states in the US we would be interested in other than to check United States? Is there way for HOs to filter through all sitters and find those US states they checked off if there is such an option for the sitter and HO? I think it would be a great addition to the site and also a similar option on top of that to the heart we can tap for our favorite sits-let HO also tap the heart once they find you.

@Libby2019 I live in California, but I am open to pet sit in all neighboring states OR, AZ, NV so I use the Save Search functionality

Every time there is 1+week long search in any of these states I get a notification. Unfortunately you can’t have multiple states in one saved search, but if you create a saved search for each of your favorite states that still helps a lot, rather than searching the whole US.