Find a house sit feature

Hi all! New sitter/HO member.
When I searched “find a sit” United States, only 20 sits showed.
Not representative of all the sits; many more show up when a specific state is chosen in the search field. Why is that? Thanks.

Hi @HelloOutThere - welcome to the wonderful world of Trustedhousesitters! I just checked and when I type in ‘United States’ 1548 sits show which makes me think you might have had one or more of the filters clicked.
Did you have a filter for specific dates or specific pets clicked?

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Hi @HelloOutThere. I just did a search for all listings in the United States that are accepting applications and found 1,558 of them. Might you have had a filter on that reduced the total so much?

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Thanks for a prompt reply. I tested my search again making sure no filters; 1500ish. Then added cats and April; 19 sits.
I thought I had “cleared” filters and “apply” but obviouly not.
Very helpful.
Thank you!