First time advice for owners

Hi @DavidWean and welcome to THS and the forum. You can see if sitters (and owners) are missing any reviews or feedback using the THS app but not using the desktop. Hopefully this will one day be rectified so both show the same information.


Where in the THS app can you see the number of sits? I am only seeing the number of reviews.

I’m not sure if I am understanding you @tcle322 but if you click on an owner’s profile photo, it should come up with the owner’s listing which you can then scroll down to Feedbacks & Sitters and you will see if all sitters have given feedback. Similarly a sitter’s reviews will show any owner’s who have not given a review.

On the app the number of reviews shown includes all the references too. On the desk top they are shown as separate figures. E.g if you have 10 THS reviews & 4 references its shows as 14 reviews on the app but as 10 reviews & 4 refs on the desktop! A little confusing!

Hi @tcle322
A big welcome to the forum and thank you @temba & @Lokstar for your help.
If you are looking at a sitters profile, you will not see the number of sits they have done, only the reviews. However, as @temba mentions, on the owner’s listing on sitters and feedback, you will see the sitters’ name, regardless of whether they have left feedback or not. I hope this helps a bit.

If you ever find yourself searching for answers to a particular question, you can use the magnifying glass in the top right of this window to search the forum. There’s a good chance if you have the question, someone else had the same question and posted about it.

I would also like to suggest that you add your listing to your profile link is here >>

Best wishes
Therese and the forum team.

I’ve had one sit and can’t get the sitter leave feedback. They asked if they could come back if we needed them. Everything went well no problems. Could this hurt me getting another sit.?

That’s strange they don’t leave feedback if they enjoyed the sit and would like to return. Its possible they don’t know how to leave feedback if, like you, they are new. After getting a review a sitter is invited by THS to review them on Trust Pilot. Some people mistake this for a request to review the host and their review ends up on Trust Pilot & not on the host profile where it belongs! This happens a lot. To be sure they post in the right place you can send them a direct request from your profile (if you haven’t already)- scroll down to feedback, choose your sitter & send. I am a sitter so not sure exactly how it looks on the host page. Its also possible they wrote feedback to you as a response to your review- however that will only show on their profile so is not useful to you! So do check that too-
As a sitter I don’t always leave feedback if something went wrong or I would need to write something negative. I feel very reluctant to write negative feedback especially if the host was nice and well meaning etc, and my opinion may be viewed as too subjective or judgemental by others. Its tricky. But when I see too many missing feedbacks it does raise a red flag. I always think- what happened? Many other sitters do the same- it is a common theme because of the poor review system THS has. Sitters fear retaliatory reviews. It can also ofcourse be laziness, no time, forgetfulness etc.
As you’ve only had one sitter and have no feedback it leaves room for speculation! So I would contact them again and mention the importance of their feedback for your future sitters. And maybe don’t invite them to return until they give feedback!

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Hello and welcome hope you have better luck than me as constantly declined or not bother to answer sadly think it’s because don’t live in sunny climes like in the Med!

Hi @Maggiemay
A warm welcome to the forum. I am truly sorry that you are constantly being declined with no responses from sitters. This really is most unusual, as most sitters are usually very vigilant and responsive with communication. Sitters sit for so many reasons, and they may be travelling close to where you are, when you go away, so I don’t think the Med is always a top priority for sitters.

Please do add you listing to your profile link is here, so our members can offer you any advice.

Please always keep in touch with membership services - so they can help you boost your listing and support you through the process of finding a sitter.

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I think we did all the stuff. They arrived on a Thursday. We provided a $50.00 Publix Gift card so the could get the foods they liked to eat, not just what we left behind. We took them to dinner that night and breakfast Friday morning. We got the a guest pass for The Villages so they could golf or use all The Villages facilities. We went to pick up the rental car Friday and we took them to dinner Friday night. They sent emails to us of them out in the golf cart with our dog and all seemed well. We got home late on a Saturday night. We took them to breakfast Sunday before they departed. Everything seemed good. They were happy and wanted to return for another sit. Who knows.
We have another sit scheduled in March, so we’ll see how that one goes.

Thanks for the reply.

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WingNut, You certainly sound like you went above and beyond. I must confess I looked to see if you had the link for your listing added as I wanted to apply for your next sit :laughing:

Hi @WingNut as @Lokstar said, I think your sitters don’t know how to leave your feedback. It is not straight forward. I suggest you message them with "hey, hope you had a great time looking after [insert pet name] and our home. I notice you haven’t left me any feedback. I hope there was nothing wrong with my sit. If there was, please contact me so we can resolve it. If not, can you please leave me some feed back asap as I’m looking for another sitter and your feedback would be really helpful as, like you, I’m new to THS too. If you’re not sure how to leave me some feedback then this link will show you [insert link]


@WingNut You sound like an exceptionally generous & thoughtful host. And it sounds like your sitter had a good time. If I’d been your sitter I would most definitely having given your great feedback by now. Please do follow all the avenues I’ve suggested and also the tips from @Crookie and if still in doubt reach out to membership services for help. If in the unlikely event there IS something the sitter didn’t like- which is causing them to ‘ghost’ you then they should be honest and tell you (privately) as you appear to have done your absolute best for them and acted in good faith! One thing- have you given the sitter a review yet? If not then they might be waiting for that first.
I love having hosts like you! Its so nice to feel really appreciated! Don’t give up till you get that feedback! :blush:

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In fact I did!:grinning:. It was posted today and it was great.

Thank you for your advice and support



Hello @BillieBlue I believe you will get a gut feeling on the interviews like Theresa wrote.
A long sit is valuable for those of us really checking out the area and the community. Be sure to assess what are the intentions of an applicant for a longer sit. Best wishes for great sitters, there a lot of us at THS.

Wow. That is more than what I have planned for our sitter.