Fist time in the forum a new experience

Hello from Judith & Terry in France

We are actually in our caravan in the Carmargue on holiday while writing this, our house sitters are at home looking after out two lovely girls, labradors. We are English and have been living in France since 2006. We was introduced to THS by a friend who came and stayed to take care of the girls while we went on holiday, he was a sitter and convinced us to join, never looked back and had some really good sitters, mostly

We live in the Champagne area in a nice old house with a pool and huge garden, however, in the winter its cold and we have 1 log burning stove that keeps us warm throughout the house. We always have lots of people apply and I recall clicking the button to say we had enough applicants not realising the people who had applied might think we had chosen. But from that we met a couple of chaps from Australia who came and sat for us who are amazing, just hoping after covid they will return.

Due to THS we have managed to do so many holidays that we would not have been able to do, not wanting to leave our girls in kennels we took up caravanning and took the girls with us and we still do that.

We are currently looking forward to a cruise in October and will be posting soon for sitters. Our current sitters are from Paris and doing an excellent job.


Hello, or should I say Bonjour Judith & Terry, welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining us from your caravan vacation in the Carmargue region of France, have you seen any wild (white) horses while you have been there?


Thank you for a lovely introduced and insight into your journey with TrustedHousesitters, your home sounds absolutely delightful, as do your girls.

On a cold winter’s night there’s nothing more satisfying than sitting in front of a log burner with two beloved dogs at your feet. The experiences we exchange, often with members from many other parts of the world, are truly inspirational and we are so happy that you have been able to enjoy your travels knowing your beloved girls are happy at home … and pawfect “caravanners” too.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members of our community.

Angela & The Team