Flights, cancelations and sheer madness

I had almost exactly the opposite on Thursday!
Flew from Bali to Singapore on budget Jetstar Asia, so no food or drinks, but only just over 2-hour flight so ok.

Departed almost 30 minutes late, however, somehow managed to land 20 minutes early.

My first visit to Changi using the e-immigration card, which you fill in online up to 3 days in advance, download the Singapore track and trace app, and vaccination certs in hand.

Landed at 10 pm, through immigration, baggage (my bag was magically right in front of me as I approached the belt) and in my taxi by 10.30

I was in my apartment at 11.03 pm - a record!


Still waiting for my suitcase that got on the flight they said I wasn’t booked for :rofl:
or not. 4 more days of no show they have to pay me. I love life’s little sparkles.

Think I’d rather have my suitcase but, hey, didn’t you say you just travelled with a small backpack? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That is correct. I have a 30L Osprey that is what I carry. But when I am moving between continents, have free checked baggage with my airlines it enables transport of gifts received or purchased, I can afford and do take advantage of checking a case.
It’s a myth that unicorns are brainless.

I do believe I explained this to you when we met Sheryl. It’s nice to have friends you can trust and “hold” items while I am off doing me.


I have spent seven years of looking at beautiful objects but never buying because of transportation costs and not having a home to put them in for five years. I’m at the stage where now I could buy but to be honest I haven’t seen anything yet that I have fallen in love with. I’m also (almost) a minimalist and hate clutter. Books and knitting wool are my only addictions. With online libraries I don’t have very many physical books. Knitting yarn, well I knit then give it away.


100% agree. İts just stuff. What I “need” is always with me.
Heart, soul and mind.


Well, @Amparo it looks like all that hassle might have been worth it! What a beautiful view and a couple of really cute pups. It’s amazing how the look from the eyes of a precious furbaby can instantly calm your nerves!


Looks like an amazing sit location. Certainly worth the hiccups (although no less frustrating).

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Met these lovely people and animals 4 years ago in short 4 day sit when they only had 5 cats.
Now we are family.
Thank you


Oh Amparo, sorry you’ve had so many problems with your flights but I’m sure that with your wonderful attitude to life that you dealt with it all calmly& philosophicaly. Your sit looks wonderful , is this the one in Uruguay?. Very cute pups.

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We have just booked our six monthly return flight to the UK. After talking about your (and others) experiences we are flying with BA direct with only hand luggage. I’ll let you know if it works in November.

Thank you Ros :slight_smile: it’s nice to see you here. Hope all is well at home.
It was challenging but I am so thankful for everything that is happening in my life this is just a cloudy day that will soon pass and I am already seeing the sun shining through.
This is the home and sit of the people who are now in Uruguay house hunting. I will follow in October. There is a beautiful Bengal cat as well but she is always out and about enjoying the warmth of the sun.
all the best to you all and thank again. :hearts:

Hi Elsie;
I booked direct with the airlines, no third party and I have “frequent flyer status”. This flight was paid for with USD not miles. It’s just the sign of times right now. Found an article from a couple of weeks prior that over 1000 pieces of luggage had been misplaced due to back ups and short staff at LHR. IDK what prompted all of this in my situation but it is all very strange.
I was bumped off a domestic flight once in the states at the gate. One I had a boarding pass for and rebooked the next day to the wrong city. In my claims, they kept my original boarding pass and my original luggage claim tag. In my jet lag and overwhelm I didn’t realize it and now I am at 5 days post attempting to prove the events.
Meanwhile life goes on and maybe the universe is really giving me a nudge to for a nice clean break and a beautiful fresh start.
all the best.

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Great to hear from you, will look forward to reading about your adventures. Xx

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Hope you are safely on a new flight…

Just returned from Jeju to Florida. It was insane. Any body traveling, breathing techniques and bags full of snack.
Good luck.


Welcome back. Rest and recover.

Between broken airplane , delays, 5 days to come.



Holding our breath as we wait for our BritishAir flight direct Phoenix to London in 10 days. We only just recently decided to carry on (no checked baggage) due to the chaos on the ground everywhere. We will be in the UK for about 2 months with one housesit and lots of ground travel (trains) which also could be a problem…one day at a time!


(US) Airlines must compensate passengers for lost bags

That maximum liability is $3,800 for domestic flights and about $1,800 for international flights, according to the Transportation Department.Jul 19, 2022 › 2022/07/19

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