Former Vet Tech Cat Sitter Here, Hello!

Hi, I’m Melinda, former vet tech and husband John is a cat magnet! We’ve got decades of experience (all types of pets) but a couple of years ago decided, due to shoulder injuries, to proceed only with cats and smaller pets. House and pet sitting has brought us from Maine to California, Europe and Caribbean as well. We’ve been THS members for several years and are currently looking for warm weather sits. Sometimes I do sits solo for a little “me” time that includes relaxing and reading with kitties. Hello!


@MelindaVetTech welcome to the forum! It’s great to see you have been able to travel to numerous locations for sitting, even with the injury. We all learn to adapt to your circumstances, don’t we…and it looks like you have done an amazing job of it.

I agree with the warm locations for sits right now. I certainly want to be where it is sunny and warm…

Please make sure you post pics of your adventures and make us drool when you are sunning yourself in that warm climate! LOL


Hi Melinda, you sound like our ideal sitter, and I think you’d love our little farm and two slightly crazy kitties. I can’t offer a warm sit at the moment but we might go away late Jan/early Feb, and California must be warmer than NJ? If you’d like you can visit my profile, and if it looks like a good match please add us to your favorites so you’ll get notified if we post a sit. You can message me too, so we are connected. We also go away for about a month every fall and I can guarantee plenty of sunshine at that time :wink:


Your listing has been added to my favorites! But for this winter, our sites are set on Florida and Caribbean. Got one sit booked, and looking for more. Maybe in the Fall…
Thanks for reaching out!

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Hi Melinda
It’s a great lifestyle for us pet lovers.
By the end of the year I’ll have had the pleasure of spending time with 20 cats! What’s not to love. :sunglasses:


@MelindaVetTech Look us up if you want to pet sit Lancaster, Pennsylvania some time in the future! A link to our home listing is in our forum handle (one link is for us as homeowners, the other link is for us as sitters).

Take care!

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Thanks for reaching out! I’ve saved your listing for the future. Happy holidays!

Oh, I meant to write “Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.” Our town is in the county, not in the city of Lancaster. :slight_smile:

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