Fraudulant Invitation

My friend (who I introduced to THS) sent me an invitation to sit she received as she was interested and had never received one before. Without thinking, I opened the link, using my login and password. The post has a too good to be true quality about it and so I was suspicious. I looked at their past sits and it was populated with some of my old sitters. I sent a text to an old sitter and asked if she had done the sit and, of course, she said no.
So . . . one, a warning to sitters that there are fraudulant invitations out there. Maybe the whole invitation feature needs to be assessed. I see there are others who think it’s problematic. Two, I canged my password but is there anything else I need to do to be safe on my account?
Thanks in advance for any guidance.


@Bellabliss - this is concerning to read about and thank you for alerting this forum.

Did the e-mail come to your THS inbox in the usual way ?
Did the link take you to a site that was copycat of the genuine THS site ?

If you have not already reported this to THS member services so that they can investigate you can email :
or go to the site and use the Live Chat option


Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, it is concerning.
I have passed your questions along to my friend and she will make the more official report to the email you provided. I tried to use the live chat feature but the bot was useless.

To be honest, this does not sound fraudulent, more like a glitch between you and your friend. What is the chance that from the tens of thousands of sits completed your past sitters were involved??

My IT knowledge is extremely basic but I would be interested to hear from an expert as to how this may have happened.

Any ideas @geoff.hom ?

@Bellabliss Feel free to also DM me the listing link and I am happy to have a look and feedback further. I can also pass it on to the relevant teams internally :slight_smile:

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Hi @Colin.

Thanks for sharing, @Bellabliss. Sorry you’ve had to deal with this. I would DM @Carla_C, as she’ll have more info and can dig deeper. Intuitively, I agree with Colin. It would be non-trivial to make a fake listing with fake past sits/reviews. Also, what would such a fake listing attempt to gain, that they couldn’t gain otherwise with less effort?

If you can provide this info to Carla, it may help:

  • What device did you use to open this link? (e.g., desktop, mobile app, mobile web, Android, iPhone)
  • What is the link? (forward link and/or original email to Carla)
  • What are the odds of user error?
    • Especially on my phone, I’ve gotten confused about whether I was in the TH app, mobile site on one tab, or mobile site on another tab.
    • If this were on the desktop website, then I think it’d be much harder to get confused. Either way, some screenshots would also be helpful. (just send to Carla for privacy)

Let us know how it goes!

I have looked at the invitation to sit that I received this week - there’s no option to forward that to anyone else -
The only thing that can be shared is a link to a listing - a listing on THS cannot have fake reviews .
But if you send the listing that you are concerned about to THS member services they can verify if it’s genuine .

Thanks to all for your thoughts. My friend is pursuing this with THS and she is much more tech savvy than I, so hopefully they will get to the bottom of it. I will post once it’s resolved to let you all know.


@Bellabliss did you get to the bottom of this ?