Free entry to all US National Parks today 24th September

Most NPS sites are free all year anyway. Only 108 charge an entrance fee.

As you’d suspect, it’s mostly the big name parks that ask you to pay to enter: Places like Arches in Utah, Rocky Mountain in Colorado and Shenandoah in Virginia.

But they’re all free this Saturday 24th September.

More information here:

This may be too short notice but one to put in diary as it happens every year!

Which park will you or would you choose to visit?

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Thanks @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr for getting the word out about this. The National Park Service in the US actually has several free days throughout the year.

Just a reminder: Many of the most popular parks now require a timed entry permit, as there are too many people flocking to them and clogging the roads and trails. So do check on the particular park you’d like to visit, even if over one of the free days, to ensure you’ll be able to enter or drive through it.