From a sitter to owners

And that they look at profiles!

I applied for a sit and was declined which is unusual for me so I asked why. I was advised to put my reviews in my application message.
I have have over 30 five star reviews!!!
There is no way I could do that and wrongly assumed that HO’s would actually look at profiles. Apparently not.


They are very few people like you. Please educate all the HO You know.

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I did the same thing. I try to remember what it must be like on the other side. It is my first time selecting a sitter, I did not realize that once I hit confirm and automatic decline went to the other people. I then sent each a note thanking them for their time and interest.


This thread has taken on a life of its own, on a rather different tack from my original posting. I had really just wanted to draw to pet owners’ attention to the fact that not all prospective sitters see their postings at the same time, and that the first in first served, early bird catches the worm approach to applicants can disadvantage those who, for one reason or another (being in different time zones, whatever) aren’t able to immediately press the apply button when a posting is listed. Waiting say one or even two days would allow a somewhat more equal playing field as it were. At the end of the day though, of course pet owners are free to make their choices based on whatever criteria they wish!

This also relates to what has become the main topic of discussion. There are really two issues – TH’s role in the automatic generation of messages (and I agree that TH could potentially do a better job with this, as several people have suggested), and individual reaction to rejection; and I agree with those who advise not taking failure to secure a specific position personally – no matter how much you might have been hoping for it, or how stellar your qualifications and reviews might be, I see no point at all in letting this rankle. There are a large number of excellent pet sitters out there!, and pet owners may have any number of considerations, personal or otherwise, in choosing a pet sitter. It’s also up to them how much communication they might want to have with unsuccessful applicants, and when a personal note is received, one can just be grateful for the courtesy, There’s always another posting just around the corner!

Pet owners take a leap of faith when they invite us into their own homes and “trust” us with the care of their pets, and that’s something for us sitters to celebrate, and be grateful for the opportunities we’re offered for some amazing experiences.


Me too @Annette Courtesy & manners are still very important to me. What really annoys me are the HO’s who write inviting me to sit for them who find it too much trouble to thank me for taking the time to let them know that I am unable to helpout on that particular occasion.


I’ve had that happen quite a few times as well!

@Annette yes it shows no courtesy especially where a sitter has gone to alot of time and effort to introduce themselves. The world has changed alot where politeness and courtesy are concerned. I retired awhile ago and I dont miss at all the days leading up to that decision and still applying for work and seldom getting any acknowledgement of my applications…probably alot of people reading this will remember those things that came through the post ‘the applicant should address the selection criteria with examples blah blah’ and how long they took to complete if you did it properly? What I learnt from a mountain of rejection was to shrug it off and move on with self-esteem intact. Don’t let it get to you Annette and would you really want to sit for somebody who does not reply to you even with a group reply option?


I’m of that age group too where courtesy and good manners are appreciated. Without HS taking the time to apply. HO’s holidays and care of their pets is in jeopardy. It doesn’t take much to acknowledge an application once it has been read.


I am fairly new to TSH, only having one successful sit since our first listing had to be cancelled last year because you-know-why, but I had many applicants for that listing, as I did for this one that just wrapped up last week. I personally feel it would be impolite to not acknowledge each applicant, I just feel guilty for the ones I have to turn down after I have selected the sitter I want! I do want to say THS is great, we could never have afforded to take a month long vacation and board our pets if it weren’t for them! We had a great sitter, and plan to use him again for our next trip!


Sitters seem to ignore HO have several choices

1 select a sitter, using the confirm procedure, then THS warns automatically all other applicants they have not been selected

2 use the declinebutton on an applicant, which receives à message fromTHS

3 use the decline button but choose 'to drop à line (what suggests THS to the HO), then the non selected applicant feels less mortified

4 send the group message (he needs to write 1 message only) to all non selected ones

So there is NO reason for the HO just to use the décline button with no gentle note or explanation… individual or collective


@Provence yes exactly and it only takes a few minutes and makes a huge difference to the morale of sitters.


I think this is an Excellent, answer & game plan for all!

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I give a wide berth to those type once identified…


Thank you, KC1102, for healthy, sensible ways to deal with rejection. I feel a bit better now…

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