From Kenya to London

Hello animal lover community. I am writing to introduce myself. I am based in Nairobi, Kenya, where I have been for 25 years. I run my own film production company and we film all over Africa. I am from the North of England and have lived in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Melbourne along the way. I am famous for the phrase “I never met a cat I didn’t love” and for having an ever-revolving menagerie of rescued and fostered cats and dogs, all in addition to my own 4 dogs and 6 cats (with 39 legs between them). My special love is hand-rearing very young kittens - I am on the emergency delivery list for the local animal shelter. I made guess the other day that I have rescued and rehomed at least 100 cats in the last ten years alone… but on reflection, it is way more than that. I went as far as to import two 3 legged street cats from Doha when the cat rescue community there could not find homes for them. I am often in Uk on film business and usually stay with friends, family or at my other home from home The Groucho Club. However, I joined this site because due to COVID flying restrictions I have now been stuck here in UK since April and will not go back to Kenya until the end of November. It’s horrible being without my husband, and it’s made 10 times worse to be without animals! I don’t know how people live without a cat or dog or ten. So I am looking for sitting opportunities in London that are longer than two weeks, where I can work from home. I have not been successful so far despite some Oscar-winning references, and I must say some carrot dangling invitations that simply disappeared. But hey, my new source of joy each morning is scrolling through the animal pictures of the prospective house sits, and having little squeals of delight as I see all the cats and dogs in their homes. I love the way pet owners photograph their animals. The pride, joy, and love in those photos are just inescapable. Delicious and so enlivening. Would make a good movie one day.


Hello @GingerWilson Welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters what a wonderful introduction, thank you I feel we know you already. What an amazing journey you are on, we would love to hear more, much more.

I’m sorry you are unable to get home to Kenya, the separation from your husband and animals must be so very hard. Many have been through the same experience because of COVID, I hope November comes around quickly for you but in the meantime that you will connect with beloved pets on your new TrustedHousesitters adventure.

Life without pets has been so hard for many in our community, we’ve missed the travel but more than that we have missed the joy that being with pets brings to our lives. I’ve taken to “stalking” dog owners out walking with their dogs and when appropriate ask,“Excuse me can I say hello to your dog”

Thank you for the work that you do with rescue cats, hand rearing kittens is not easy but when you have a passion for something it’s not work but a labor of love.

Welcome again, we look forward to sharing in your new journey you’ll find our members incredibly helpful and supportive, if you have any questions please ask.

Angela and the Team

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Thank you Angela for your warm welcome. Yes, I have been stalking dogs every day in Kensington Park Gardens, where I am currently flat sitting for a friend who is using my Landcruiser in Kenya. Unfortunately, cats on the streets and in the parks of London are hard to find!


@GingerWilson Welcome!! Your life sounds so interesting and creative! You’re bound to attract some awesome housesits with the positive and loving energy you put out into the world.


thank you Savannah for your generous welcome… and you come with a name that speaks of Africa too… x x