Léa from London UK

::sun_with_face:Hello everyone :sun_with_face:

My name is Léa , I’m 33 yo and I’m new on TH . I’m :fr: but I live in London :uk: I used to have a dog at home who was a Jack Russel mixed. I do travel solo quite often and find it less lonely when having a fur friend that’s why I decided to join the community :hugs:
I can’t wait to exchange with you and read your experiences and tips on how to start.


Hello @leaUK and welcome to the community forum where you are going to find so much helpful information and gain great insight on all things Petsitting. You are in the perfect location to find your very first sits. London has so many available sits and once you are a TrustedHousesitters member you will be able to search for all available sits in your area.

I would suggest when you create our profile that you put as many pics as possible of you with furry friends so pet parents can see you interacting with them. When you create your profile, you need to remember it is telling your story so make sure you give great information about who you are, why you want to sit and where you want to travel. Also make sure you add as many personal references as possible from friends, co-workers and family about your character and if you have done petsitting for them.

I would also suggest you do start local for first sits (and possibly shorter sits) as this would give you the opportunity to possibly meet potential sits and also not have much expense to incur in the beginning. Also, it is a great time to apply for Last Minute sits, where something has happened with the original sitter or they had something come up with very little notice and they need to travel right away. Any of these sits will give you the opportunity to gather up great reviews for future pet parents to read.

If you need any help getting signed up, please reach back out here and any one of the TrustedHousesitters team, or even other community members, will be happy to assist you.!

Hi Lea,
I hope you enjoy the experience. I do agree with you. I love the solitary travel but it’s so nice to have a cat or dog to welcome you and hang out with.
I have been doing this for the past 2.5 years and travelling mainly in Europe. It has been a blast so far. How about you? Have you any fun destinations in mind?

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Welcome. I’m also a solo traveler and have had a great time - on about sit #60 now in Putney for 3 weeks with 2 pugs and 2 cats. Will be posting soon to try to set a meetup for sitters who are in the London area now. We’ve had 2 in the last few months - I brought the cockapoo I was sitting to those, but not sure how well the 2 pugs would do on the bus or tube.