German House sitter in November in Dubai

I am Britta, a 45year old German woman with 3 rescued cats and 1 rescued dog.
I live at the north sea and love to travel very often to Dubai and Vienna, where I am always looking for a place to stay and where I can care for the animals at the same time. Of course I could take a hotel, but I prefer to have animals around me and the last time I house sitted in Dubai, I also met lovely new people and it´s just nice to help them to look after their animals.
I almost daily had a zoom video call with them or okay their cat with them, so that they saw that the cat is save and happy. I never had someone at my home to look after my pets because I stay with my mom who looks after my pets when I am away. But who knows maybe I will also search for a pet sitter in the future…

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Hi @BrittaBK
A warm welcome to our community Forum we are really glad you found us.

I would like to suggest that you add your profile link is here >>

To find the right TrustedHousesitter’s profile link to copy and paste, go to your Dashboard, scroll down a little to the green block, and Preview your profile there.

Once you added this, other members will be able to “meet” you properly and will see what owners see when you apply for sits.
Do make sure you do a saved search for "Dubai’ on your phone, as those notifications do come through immediately.
Good luck with finding the right sit for November.
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