Seeking Dubai pet/house sitters

Hi everyone, we are family living in Dubai. We will be overseas in the summer and we are testing the waters. Full disclosure, Dubai is very hot at this time of year but we are well located for malls and supermarkets plus we have an amazing cleaner and friendly gardener. The house is large and airy with 4 bedrooms and sits on a stunning lake. Our cat is an 11 year old British shorthair called Heston. He loves to eat and sleep. Tilly is our 3 year old Lagotto. Full of beans but so friendly and loving. Would this be of interest to anyone? Thanks Ben

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I have seen many sits in your region for summer months and they seem to get filled as easily as ones at other times of year. The only thing that may deter some sitters is dogs typically require very early walks during this time–I recall a listing awhile back noting their dog needed to be walked as early as 5 am though not sure that is typical. But some people are early risers so this wouldn’t be a problem at all. Sitters vary greatly in their preferred locations, weather, routines, etc… and I have no doubt you will get applicants.

Hi @BenN
It wouldn’t be my first choice but am sure there will be others interested, especially if you link your listing so people can give you feedback.Here’s how:

This is absolutely a sit we would do!