Anyone in the UK free August Bank Holiday

Hi All

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions we no longer have a house sitter for 26th August until 31st August. We live in a village in South Yorkshire with great links to the rest of Yorkshire, Derbyshire and surrounding areas. We have 2 lovely cats and a great little dog (a freezy jack) who love meeting new sitters. If you fancy a last minute sit, please get in touch :slight_smile: :grinning:


Hi, whereabouts are you and would you accept a sitter bringing their own pet? We have a bouncy springer who gets on well with other dogs and cats.

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If this was next summer I’d be snapping your arm off, I’m a South Yorkshire lass & currently overseas for my hubby’s military job. We’ve not been home for 2 years. But we return next June so who knows maybe our paths will cross in the future. Good luck finding a new sitter!

Hi Catherine
We are based just outside Sheffield. Unfortunately whilst Ted is great with other dogs outside he doesn’t like other dogs in the house.
Thanks for responding :slight_smile:

Hi Jayne
Thanks for responding, we’ll have dates for next summer coming on line soon. Hopefully one of them will suit you.
Best wishes


Hi Catherine and welcome to our community forum, you and your very bouncy Springer(is there any other kind) it would be lovely to hear about your THS experiences with him/her so far, I’ve been owned by 6 of these adorable creatures.

Thank you for joining and for offering to help LizH that’s what makes our community so special, members like you.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members.

Angela and the Team

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Hi Angela,
Thank you for your welcome. I’m new to this so I haven’t taken my springer Mango on any sits yet, but I’m sure I will.
Can I just ask a question? I’m looking for a sit in London towards the end of August and I’ve applied for 3 but not had any replies yet, is this normal? In fact ally messages say ‘unread’ . Am I doing something wrong?

HI Catherine, good luck with your applications and some owners do take longer to respond to their applicants, encouraging timely responses by all members when communicating is something we are working on. I don’t know how long it is since you applied but I would give it a while longer and you can apply to as many sits as you feel is right for you, but only accept one of course.

I will DM you also.